Archangel – The Razor-Winged Mutant Warrior

Champion Breakdown

About Archangel

Character Class: Mutant

Brief Overview: Archangel, originally known as Angel, is a founding member of the X-Men. After a harrowing transformation by the ancient mutant Apocalypse, he gained deadly neurotoxin-coated metallic wings. Now a force to be reckoned with in Marvel Contest of Champions, Archangel wields his lethal abilities with expert precision, making him a quintessential addition to any player's roster.

Archangel Origin: Archangel hails from the Marvel Comics universe, where he began his journey as Warren Kenneth Worthington III. The character was given new life through the powers of Apocalypse, transforming into the menacing Archangel. His inclusion in MCoC brings his complex history and unique abilities to the forefront of the battle arena.

Lore Background

Archangel History: Warren Worthington III, initially known as Angel, was a celebrated member of the X-Men due to his avian wings that allowed him to fly. His life took a dark turn when he was near death, and his wings were amputated. Apocalypse, seeking a powerful horseman, saved him, turning him into Archangel with blue skin, retractable claws, and metallic wings oozing neurotoxin. Over time, he broke free from Apocalypse's grasp but continues to struggle with his deadly new form.

Personality Traits: Archangel is marked by a relentless drive to control his darker impulses. His transformation has instilled a battle-hardened and ruthless streak, influencing his combat style to be aggressive and decisive. His in-game abilities mirror his inner conflict, balancing destructive power with precise control.

Archangel's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Bleed, Poison, Neurotoxin, Stun

Archangel’s basic attacks are fierce and precise. His light and medium attacks inflict critical damage, while his heavy attacks leverage bleed mechanics to transform into potent neurotoxins when combined with poison effects.

  • Light Attacks: Swift and agile cuts with a chance to inflict bleed.

  • Medium Attacks: Powerful strikes offering critical hits with bleed chances.

  • Heavy Attacks: Delivers potent slashes with a higher likelihood to cause bleed, transforming poisons into neurotoxins.

  • Passive Abilities:

    • Raptor’s Senses: Archangel’s Ability Accuracy cannot be reduced by opponent abilities.
    • Blood Transmission Vector: Increases poison chance per bleed on the opponent, reducing their Tenacity abilities.
  • Active Abilities:

    • Poison Wings (Block): Poisons the target, reducing their Healing by 30%.
    • Razor Claws (Critical Strikes): 40% chance to cause bleed damage.
    • Neurotoxin (Passive): Converts bleeds and poisons into neurotoxins, dealing significant damage and causing a brief stun at expiry.

Special Attacks:

  1. Bladed Pinions: Archangel launches toxic feathers causing bleed, with a small chance to poison the opponent.
  2. Razor Winged Strike: A flurry of strikes utilizing all limbs, increasing bleed chances and adding a poison.
  3. Hypersonic Scream: A high-pitched shriek stuns the opponent, followed by a barrage of strikes causing guaranteed poison, bleed, and a stun effect.

Signature Ability: Increased Toxicity Archangel’s signature ability enhances the potency of his neurotoxins, causing numbing effects and loss of motor control. This significantly increases the damage output and stuns duration, making his awakened state highly advantageous for battles.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Archangel’s ability to induce and convert bleeds and poisons into potent neurotoxins. Focus on optimizing the timing of your heavy attacks to maximize toxin conversion, keeping the pressure on your opponent with consistent damage over time.

Advanced Techniques: Mastering Archangel requires precise timing. Use his Light and Medium attacks to build up bleeds, followed by Heavy attacks to convert these into neurotoxins. One effective combo is Light → Medium → Heavy, ensuring all bleeds are effectively converted for maximum damage.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Deep Wounds: Extends the duration of bleed effects, enhancing Archangel’s window to trigger poisons and convert neurotoxins.
  • Stupify: Increases the stun duration of neurotoxins; vital for aggressive playstyles.
  • Precision: Boosts the chances of critical hits, ensuring more frequent bleeds from basic attacks.

Team Composition: Archangel synergizes well with other mutants and characters who can enhance power gain or improve his chances of landing critical hits.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Romance: (Psylocke) - +5% Power Gain.
  • Mutant Agenda: (Phoenix, Beast, Iceman, Colossus) - +12% Special Attack Damage.
  • Teammates: (Ghost Rider, Black Widow) - +5% Perfect Block Chance.

Countering Archangel

Counter Tactics: To counter Archangel, focus on characters with immunity to bleed and poison. Dodging his Heavy attacks and keeping pressure with ranged attacks can help mitigate his deadly neurotoxins.

Archangel Counters:

  1. Vision: Immune to both bleed and poison effects, neutralizing Archangel’s primary damage sources.
  2. Cable: Maintains constant degeneration and has poison reduction passives, making him a tough matchup.
  3. Yellowjacket: Excels at punishing opponents who rely on Special Attacks, making Archangel less effective in combat.


Final Thoughts: Archangel is a formidable champion with a unique blend of bleed and poison mechanics, making him a high-damage dealer and valuable ally. His abilities translate his comic book lore into a dynamic in-game experience.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into battles with Archangel, experimenting with his toxin mechanics. Discover the combinations that work best for you and unleash his true potential on the battlefield.