Attuma – The Guardian of Talokan

Champion Breakdown

About Attuma

Character Class: Skill

Brief Overview: Attuma is a fierce protector of Talokan, determined to safeguard his people from both undersea and surface threats. Known for his iron will and tactical prowess, Attuma’s abilities revolve around reversing Ability Accuracy, punishing non-damaging Debuffs, and gaining power through hydration effects.

Attuma Origin: Attuma originates from the Marvel Comics universe as a nemesis to Namor, and he has been adapted into Marvel Contest of Champions with unique in-game abilities that capture his essence as a powerful undersea warrior.

Lore Background

Attuma History: Attuma’s story is deeply rooted in his role as a relentless guardian of Talokan. His fierce loyalty to his king, Namor, and his people have led him into countless battles, where his strength and resilience shine through. He is known for his strategic mind, which is mirrored in his in-game mechanics, especially his Ability Accuracy reversal.

Personality Traits: Attuma is proud, resilient, and tactical. These traits are reflected in his strong defensive abilities and his refusal to succumb to his opponents' debuffs, turning them into opportunities to enhance his own strength.

Attuma's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities:

  • Ability Accuracy Reversal, Thorns, Purify, True Accuracy, Bleed

Attuma’s basic attacks, categorized into light, medium, and heavy attacks, revolve around maximizing his Ability Accuracy and purifying debuffs. His light and medium attacks deal consistent damage, while his heavy attack is a cornerstone of his gameplay, purifying non-damaging debuffs and converting them into Concussion effects.

  • Passive Abilities:

    • Ability Accuracy Reversal: Any modification to Attuma's Ability Accuracy is reversed.
    • Thorns Damage: 25% chance to deal Physical Damage when struck by a contact attack.
    • Unstoppable and Power Gain: If evaded when under 1 Bar of Power, Attuma gains Unstoppable and power.
    • Reduced Base Regeneration Rate: Regeneration rate is set to 25%.
  • Active Abilities:

    • Hydration: Gained through Special Attacks, increases Attack Rating and Regeneration Rate.
    • Purify and Concussion: Heavy Attacks purify non-damaging debuffs and convert them to Concussions.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Hydro-Bomb Bash

    • Gains 3 stacks of Hydration.
    • High chance to gain a True Accuracy Passive, lasting longer with more Ability Accuracy.
  2. Special 2: Raging Typhoon

    • Gains 2 stacks of Hydration per hit.
    • Chance to gain a Cruelty Passive, pausing Concussions for its duration.
  3. Special 3: What Dwells Below

    • Gains 5 stacks of Hydration.
    • Applies a significant Bleed Debuff, with Physical Vulnerability if Bleed fails.

Signature Ability: Tyrant of the Deep

  • Attuma starts fights with a Concussion Debuff that is paused until another Concussion is gained.
  • Bleed Debuffs on Attuma are significantly less potent.
  • Thorns damage on hitting an opponent, increasing with each Bleed effect.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Attuma’s Ability Accuracy reversal to gain an upper hand against opponents who rely on debuffs or Evade mechanics. Use his Heavy Attack frequently to convert debuffs into Concussions, boosting his overall performance.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Chain heavy attacks to maximize Concussion effects.
  • Manage Hydration stacks effectively to boost Attack Rating and Trigger Unstoppable.
  • Against Evade champions, leverage the True Accuracy Passive from Special 1 for longer durations.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Willpower: Optimal due to constant healing from Concussion Debuffs.
  • Double Edge: Works well with his reduced Bleed damage from his Signature Ability.
  • Coagulate: Combine with Signature Ability for total immunity to Bleed damage.

Team Composition: Synergy with champions that can boost debuff resistance or provide additional attack boosts is ideal. Pairing with champions like Namor or Hulk can capitalize on certain synergy bonuses.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. Sea-Worn Enemies:

    • Namor: Gain 20% Bleed potency, reduced Ability Accuracy.
    • Namor: Gain 90 Critical Damage Rating, reduced Bleed Ability Accuracy.
  2. Fear Itself:

    • Juggernaut, Titania, Thing, Hulk: Gain +20% Attack with Class Advantage, regain penalty at a disadvantage.
  3. Frequent Kidnapper Miles:

    • Wasp, Invisible Woman, Phoenix: Increase Power gain, personal Purify chance, repause Invisibility, grant Phoenix Force charge.
  4. Shining, Shimmering Splendor:

    • Toad, Man-Thing: Gain Hydration, refresh Poison, delay Empathetic Agitation.

Countering Attuma

Counter Tactics: Utilize passive stuns to bypass his Purify. Champions that can reduce Ability Accuracy or punish ability failures can exploit his gameplay loop. Keep pressure to minimize his heavy attack opportunities.

Attuma Counters:

  1. Domino: Punishes ability failures, reversing Attuma’s strengths against him.
  2. Spider-Man (Stealth Suit): Effective with Evade bypassing strategies.
  3. Archangel: Heavy damage through Neurotoxins, bypassing many of his defenses.


Final Thoughts: Attuma is a versatile defender with unique mechanics that turn debuffs into strengths. His Ability Accuracy reversal and hydration mechanics make him a formidable opponent both on offense and defense.

Encouragement to Experiment: Attuma’s potential is immense when played strategically. Experiment with different mastery setups and team compositions to unleash his full capabilities on the battlefield. Dive deep and master the Guardian of Talokan!