Black Widow (Deadly Origin)

Black Widow (Deadly Origin) – The Ultimate Assassin

Champion Breakdown

About Black Widow (Deadly Origin)

Character Class: Skill

Brief Overview: Recruited into the KGB and trained in the infamous Red Room, Natasha Alianovna Romanoff, better known as Black Widow, emerges as one of the world's greatest assassins. In "Marvel Contest of Champions," she excels through critical hits, shocking debuffs, and evasion, making her a formidable opponent. Her unique Widow's Insight ability allows for devastating damage and defensive disruption.

Black Widow (Deadly Origin) Origin: Originating from the Marvel Comics Universe, Black Widow's depiction in the game captures her gritty and complex character who has been both a villain and a hero, now transforming into a lethal combatant on the Contest of Champions stage.

Lore Background

Black Widow (Deadly Origin) History: Natasha Romanoff's tragic backstory begins with her forced recruitment by the KGB, where extensive training in the Red Room molded her into a lethal assassin. Her narratives in Marvel Comics see her as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and an Avenger, tackling both her dark past with the Red Room and her battles with various enemies including Hydra and Thanos.

Personality Traits: Black Widow is resourceful, highly intelligent, and extremely lethal. Her skillful and swift fighting style is influenced by her patience, precision, and an unwavering resolve towards justice and clearing her tainted past. In-game, these traits translate into her strategic fighting mechanics and relentless assault capacities.

Black Widow (Deadly Origin)'s Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Widow’s Insight, Shock, Precision, Evade, Sabotage, Cruelty

The famous assassin's basic attacks are:

  • Light Attacks: Grants a flat 60% increase in Shock ability accuracy.
  • Medium Attacks: Reduces Defensive Ability Accuracy by 70%.
  • Heavy Attacks: 100% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff for 1.75 seconds, ideal for disrupting opponent’s attacks.


  • Passive: Black Widow's Baton hits deal energy damage instead of physical and have a 40% chance to inflict a Shock Debuff.
  • Widow’s Insight: Activates whenever the opponent dashes forward or after a Heavy, Special, or combo-ending attack, drastically enhancing Black Widow’s capabilities.

Special Attacks:

  1. Flight of the Arachnid: The final hit inflicts a Shock Debuff and grants a Passive Evade.
  2. Spider Bite Combination: Delivers a burst of Shock Damage with further reduction in Defensive Ability Accuracy if Widow’s Insight is active.
  3. Dance of the Elusive Black Widow: Inflicts a Sabotage Debuff and significantly boosts Critical Damage Rating for longer durations of fights.

Signature Ability: Red Room Training This ability enhances the potency and duration of Sabotage Debuffs, pauses them when Widow’s Insight is active, and allows Black Widow to deal more damage against Defensive buffs, amplifying her already intense damage output when abilities fail to trigger.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Efficiently manage Widow’s Insight to maximize critical hits and Shock debuffs. Leverage her evasion to avoid incoming attacks and counter swiftly using her high burst damage potential.

Advanced Techniques: Utilize dexterity to trigger Widow’s Insight more consistently. End combos strategically to stack Precision buffs, and activate special attacks at optimal times to combat champions with strong Defensive abilities.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Mastery over Widow’s Insight is key; practice timing to capitalize on opponents’ mistakes and maintain consistency in striking with Precision and Cruelty buffs.

Team Composition: Incorporate synergy partners to enhance her overall damage and defensive capabilities. Characters like Ronin and Hawkeye can provide extended debuffs, making her more resourceful against tough opponents.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. Family Reunion: Red Guardian - Becomes Unstoppable when charging Heavy Attack.
  2. Remember Me: Taskmaster - Adds Sabotage debuffs for each exploited weakness.
  3. Remembering Budapest: Reduce bleed debuff potency with Ronin or Hawkeye.
  4. Covert Expertise: Captain America, Iron Man, Falcon, Black Panther - Grant Widow's Insight and Cruelty Buff.
  5. Rivals: Gamora, Psylocke, Elektra - Gains +115 Critical Damage Rating.
  6. It’s Complicated: Hulk, Hulk (Ragnarok) - Increase Armor Rating & Power Gain.

Countering Black Widow (Deadly Origin)

Counter Tactics: Utilize champions with True Strike or immunity to Shock effects. Maintain aggressive pressure to limit her ability to trigger Widow’s Insight.

Black Widow (Deadly Origin) Counters:

  1. Colossus: Immune to Shock, mitigating a large portion of Black Widow's damage.
  2. Corvus Glaive: Glaive Immunity negates Shock ultimatums.
  3. Nick Fury: His high damage-over-time and True Strike prevents her from evading effectively.
  4. Elsa Bloodstone: True Accuracy and Bleed effects challenge Black Widow’s evasion and lack of debuff purification.


Final Thoughts: Black Widow (Deadly Origin) stands out as a significant force in any Summoner’s roster with her unmatched evasion, deadly shock debuffs, and critical strike potential. Her strengths lie in her ability to disrupt opponents’ defenses while dishing out sustained damage.

Encouragement to Experiment: Black Widow’s dynamic playstyle offers various strategies and synergies, inviting players to explore and find their unique methods to maximize her assassinating potential on the battlefield. Experimentation is key to unraveling her true power.