Blade – The Vampire Hunter Extraordinaire

Champion Breakdown

About Blade

Character Class: Skill

Brief Overview: Eric Brooks, known as Blade, is a Dhampir, a hybrid human/vampire. Gifted with the powers of a vampire without any of their weaknesses, Blade boasts abilities such as Power Gain, Danger Sense, and Bleed. Adept at sensing supernatural phenomena, Blade excels in taking down powerful beings within the Battlerealm.

Blade Origin: Originating from Marvel Comics, Blade’s story begins with his mother being killed during childbirth by a vampire, infusing him with vampiric enzymes and thus granting him his unique powers and turning him into the legendary vampire hunter.

Lore Background

Blade History: Blade’s history is rooted in tragedy and vengeance. Losing his mother to a vampire shaped his unrelenting quest to hunt all creatures of the night. Significant events such as his training under vampire hunter Jamal Afari and joining groups like the Nightstalkers have honed his abilities to unrivaled levels. His past is a testament to resilience and drives his in-game persona.

Personality Traits: Determined, relentless, and fiercely protective of humanity, Blade's personality is evident in his combat style. His ability to sense danger and his calculated, lethal attacks in MCoC reflect his methodical approach to vampire hunting.

Blade's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Power Gain, Danger Sense, Bleed
Blade's gameplay in MCoC revolves around leveraging his bleed abilities and power gains. His attacks are precise and can exploit enemies’ vulnerabilities.

Attacks Overview:

Light Attacks: Quick sword slashes that build up bleed damage.
Medium Attacks: Stronger swings that add launchers for air combos.
Heavy Attacks: Powerful, deliberate strikes that induce more severe bleeding.

Passive and Active Basic Abilities:

  • Passive: Against Dimensional Beings, Danger Sense boosts Attack Rating by 1053.6 and decreases opponent’s Ability Accuracy by 40%. This ignores Dimensional Beings’ immunities.
  • Power Gain: For every stack of Bleed on the opponent, Blade generates 7% of a Bar of Power per second.
  • Bleed: Various attacks and abilities that inflict bleeding damage over time.
  • Immune System: Blade's immune system processes reduce debuff duration up to 95% based on current Power.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Go for the Head and the Heart - Unleashes a powerful sword and glaive combo inflicting severe bleed damage over 10 seconds.
  2. Special 2: Safety’s Off - A fast, multi-hit sword art finished with a pistol shot. Increases critical rate and inflicts bleeds that power up from each critical hit.
  3. Special 3: Day Walker’s Wrath - An ultimate attack involving glaive throws and sword strikes that inflict multiple bleed stacks and a chance to stun.

Signature Ability: Vampiric Immortality
Blade's healing factor allows him to recover health by consuming power when holding block below 70% health. This ability dramatically enhances his survivability in longer battles, invaluable for sustained fights.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Blade’s bleeds to maximize power gain and consistently activate Danger Sense against Dimensional Beings and opponents tagged as Mystics or Villains. Tailor attacks to bleed-resistant enemies to leverage power gains strategically.

Advanced Techniques: Master the well-timed blocks to induce bleeds, pairing these with his Special 2 to stack high amounts of bleed damage consistently. Timing his power gain abilities ensures sustained assault capability.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Blade’s effectiveness hinges on mastering his bleed and power gain mechanics. Leveraging Deep Wounds mastery enhances bleed damage substantively, making him a more threatening combatant.

Team Composition: Blade fits well into teams with characters providing power gain or bleed support. His synergy bonuses are best matched with characters who amplify his damage and utility.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. Spirit of Justice:
    • With: Ghost Rider
    • Benefit: Blade's Danger Sense expands to all Villain Champions, Ghost Rider gains a higher chance to place a Judgment.
  2. Demon Hunter:
    • With: Mephisto, Dormammu
    • Benefit: Blade's Danger Sense expands to all Mystic Champions. Opponents' Energy Resistance drops by 30%.
  3. Heightened Senses:
    • With: Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
    • Benefit: Blade gets a +45% potency for Danger Sense bonuses. Spider-Man begins the fight with 3 Poise charges.

Countering Blade

Counter Tactics: Leverage bleed-immune champions to nullify Blade's primary damage source. Potent Heal Block abilities mitigate Blade’s Vampiric Immortality, rendering him more vulnerable over time.

Blade Counters:

  1. Dormammu: As a dimensional being, he can resist Bleed and capitalize on power gain scenarios to outpace Blade in battle.
  2. Iceman: Immune to bleed effects, reducing Blade’s primary damage output.
  3. Civil Warrior: Heal Block neutralizes Blade's signature regeneration ability.
  4. Scarlet Witch: Heal Block ability affects Blade's healing factor, diminishing his survivability in extended fights.


Final Thoughts: Blade is a versatile, high-damage champion perfect for players who favor aggressive playstyles with bleed mechanics. His synergy with Mystic and Villain champions makes him a strategic asset in various matchups.

Encouragement to Experiment: With numerous potentials for build variety and team compositions, players are encouraged to explore different combinations and mastery setups to harness Blade’s full potential. Experiment and find the razor’s edge that turns Blade into the ultimate vampire hunter in your roster.