Hercules – Unleashing the Power of a Demigod

Champion Breakdown

About Hercules

Character Class: Cosmic

Brief Overview: Hercules, the son of Zeus and a mortal woman, stands as one of Marvel Contest of Champions' most formidable Cosmic champions. Enriched by divine blessings, Hercules boasts near-godlike strength, immortality, and resilience, making him a fearsome competitor in the Battlerealm. Known for his skillful combat and feats of strength, Hercules rewards players who master intercepting and using special attacks strategically.

Hercules Origin: Originating from Ancient Greece's rich tapestry of myths and legends, Hercules is a demi-god whose mythical feats have cemented his place as one of Marvel Universe's stoutest heroes. Brought into the Contest of Champions from the depths of Marvel Comics, his legendary status is more than just lore, offering tangible might and power in battles against the mightiest of foes.

Lore Background

Hercules History: Hercules’ journey from a gifted infant blessed by Hera to a champion of gods is a story of resilience, battle-hardened will, and unparalleled strength. His trials and triumphs over mythical beasts and daunting challenges are mirrored in his fighting style and abilities in the game, reflecting a character tested by fire and emerged victorious.

Personality Traits: Beyond his brute strength, Hercules' playful arrogance and fierce loyalty define his character. His confidence influences his aggressive fighting style, while his loyalty to allies is reflected in his synergy bonuses, making him not just a powerhouse but also a valuable team player.

Hercules' Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Hercules’ kit revolves around feats of strength, utilizing Infuriate, True Sense, Precision, and Cruelty to dismantle opponents. His passive abilities include a resistance to bleed and poison effects, showcasing his divine resilience.

  • Light, Medium, Heavy Attacks: Utilize heavy attacks to perform feats of strength, increasing damage output significantly. Medium and light attacks should be focused on building up strength and preparing for special attacks.
  • Basic Abilities: The feats of strength mechanic allows Hercules to increase his base damage output and gain armor penetration, making each attack hit harder as the battle progresses.

Special Attacks and Passive Abilities:

  • Special 1 (Master of Pankration): Unlocks True Sense, allowing bypassing of Miss and Auto Block, ideal for opponents who rely on these mechanics.
  • Special 2 (Mace Cyclone): Greatly enhanced burst damage against armor-buffed opponents, coupled with a stun for control.
  • Special 3 (Home Run): Provides Indestructibility, making Hercules immune to damage briefly, perfect for absorbing high-damage special attacks without repercussions.

Signature Ability: His "Son of Zeus" ability offers a safety net, preventing death once per battle and turning Hercules unblockable, allowing for aggressive comebacks.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Embrace an aggressive playstyle, focusing on performing feats of strength and intercepting with special attacks. Utilize Infuriate to bait opponents into overextending, setting them up for devastating counters.

Advanced Techniques: Mastering the timing of Hercules’ signature and special abilities can turn the tide of battle, especially using Special 3 to absorb and counter lethal blows. Managing persistent strength across fights will build Hercules into an unstoppable force.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Juggling between feats of strength and using special attacks at the optimum moment requires practice but mastering it will elevate Hercules’ damage output significantly.

Team Composition: Hercules fits well in teams that benefit from his synergy bonuses, enhancing capabilities across the board with attack rating boosts and increased potency under specific conditions.


  • With Hero Champions: Increases attack rating under poison effects, enhancing durability.
  • With Black Panther, Thor, and Hulk variants: Provides defensive buffs and attack rating enhancements, making them more resilient and deadly.
  • With Captain America (Infinity War): A nice mix of offense and defense, offering armor breaks and fury potency.
  • Utilize these synergies to maximize Hercules’ strengths and cover any weaknesses.

Countering Hercules

Counter Tactics: Champions with reliable access to Nullify, Stagger, or Fateseal can significantly reduce Hercules' effectiveness by stripping away his precious buffs.

Hercules Counters:

  • Doctor Strange: With his ability to Nullify buffs, Doctor Strange can effectively reduce Hercules' damage output.
  • Scarlet Witch: Her chaotic magic can Nullify Hercules' buffs at a whim, making her an unpredictable yet effective counter.
  • Symbiote Supreme: Excelling in stagger and nullify abilities, Symbiote Supreme can prevent Hercules from stacking his powerful buffs.


Final Thoughts: Hercules is an exceptional addition to any roster, offering both brute force and strategic depth. His ability to leverage feats of strength provides a unique gameplay mechanic that rewards skillful play and strategic thinking.

Encouragement to Experiment: Players are encouraged to experiment with Hercules, finding unique strategies that complement his aggressive playstyle and leveraging his synergies for maximum effect. With practice, Hercules can be a pivotal champion in conquering the most formidable opponents in the Contest of Champions.