Iron Man (Infamous)

Iron Man (Infamous) – The Meta-Changing Victor Von Doom in Armor

Champion Breakdown

About Iron Man (Infamous)

Character Class: Tech

Brief Overview: Doctor Victor Von Doom, more commonly recognized for his role as one of Marvel's iconic villains, temporarily steps into the hero's shoes as Iron Man (Infamous). With Tony Stark incapacitated, Doom utilizes his formidable understanding of both technology and villainy to battle criminal elements. His ability to lock down adversaries’ power and his own enhanced survivability makes him a unique and powerful contender in the Contest.

Iron Man (Infamous) Origin: This version of Iron Man, conceptualized for Marvel Contest of Champions, showcases an alternative storyline where Doctor Doom adopts the Iron Man mantle. Integrating his tech and sorcery, Doom brings a fresh gameplay dynamic to the character of Iron Man.

Lore Background

Iron Man (Infamous) History: Following Stark's tragic descent into a coma, Doom's revelation about his potential new purpose prompts him to don the iconic suit. Despite his efforts to redeem his past misdeeds and fight against evil, his notorious history and blunt demeanor make cooperation with allies like S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Fantastic Four problematic.

Personality Traits: Iron Man (Infamous) combines Doom’s determined and sometimes ruthless nature with a newfound sense of justice. His calculating and strategic approach to combat manifests in his gameplay, where control and power manipulation are central elements.

Iron Man (Infamous)'s Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Power Burn, Special Lock, Shock, Armor Up, Cowardice, Prowess Removal

Basic Attacks and Moves

Light Attacks - Quick and effective, these are ideal for building up combos. Medium Attacks - These attacks do not make contact physically as they utilize energy pulses, inflicting shock debuffs on opponents. Heavy Attacks - Used strategically, these attacks can stun opponents by consuming all applied Shock effects, transitioning into Doom’s notorious 'Heavy Doom'.

Passive and Active Basic Abilities

  • Shock – Deals energy damage over time.
  • Armor Up - Provides a significant boost to armor rating and imparts shock and incinerate immunity.
  • Power Burn - Converts enemy power into energy damage while preventing the use of their special attacks.
  • Special Lock - Prevents the opponent from using their Special Attacks.
  • Cowardice – Reduces the damage of opponents' special attacks when activated.

Special Attacks

  1. Special 1: Zero-Point Barrage - Activating this attack grants Iron Man an Aura of Iron, locking down the opponent's special abilities if already activated, which becomes unblockable.
  2. Special 2: Aerial Uni-Bombardment - This barrage increases attack rating based on the filled Power Bars of the opponent, dealing amplified shock energy damage.
  3. Special 3: Wrath of von Doom - Provides a prolonged Aura of Iron, enhancing critical ratings based on the opponent's Power levels and increasing both champions’ power rates.

Signature Ability: Arcane Overload When activated upon dropping below 15% health, this ability regenerates a significant portion of Iron Man's health while locking down the opponent's special abilities. Additionally, it enhances block proficiency and energy resistance significantly when the Armor Up buff is active.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Maximize the use of Iron Man (Infamous)'s ability to control the fight by managing Aura of Iron and employing heavy attacks and special attacks to keep the enemy locked and damaged.

Advanced Techniques: Mastery involves timing the use of Aura of Iron with heavy attacks to chain into Special 2 for maximized damage or utilizing Special 1 to lock opponents out of their special abilities strategically.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Learning to manage and manipulate the Aura of Iron along with appropriate timing of special attacks forms the core of mastering Iron Man (Infamous).

Team Composition: Iron Man (Infamous) goes well with teams that can benefit from or complement his ability to apply tech-based debuffs or those who can exploit the openings created by power lock.


  1. I Know How They Think: With solo synergy, enhances critical damage significantly against villains.
  2. The Iron Mantle: Works well with other armored champions to boost Armor Up effects.
  3. Trust Issues: With members of the Fantastic Four, improves critical ratings and synergizes defensive abilities.

Countering Iron Man (Infamous)

Counter Tactics: Use champions that can nullify or bypass Armor Up and those that are immune to energy-based attacks.


  1. Magneto (House of X and Classic): Their ability to bypass metal champions' defenses makes them perfect for dealing with Iron Man (Infamous).
  2. Doctor Voodoo: Voodoo's ability to convert buffs into poison via his specials can neutralize crucial armor buffs.


Final Thoughts: Iron Man (Infamous) brings a complex, engaging playstyle centered around power control and defensive tactics, making him a notable addition to any roster.

Encouragement to Experiment: Experiment with various team compositions and master the timing and management of Aura of Iron for a fulfilling gameplay experience with Iron Man (Infamous).