Rintrah – Master of Mystical Arts and Corner Control

Champion Breakdown

About Rintrah

Character Class: Mystic

Brief Overview: Rintrah, a mystical powerhouse from the dimension of R’Vaal, combines arcane magic with physical prowess to dominate in Marvel Contest of Champions. As an apprentice to Doctor Strange, he brings a unique set of abilities that focus on controlling space, neutralizing buffs, and regenerative powers, making him a versatile and powerful adversary.

Rintrah Origin: Originating from Marvel Comics, Rintrah’s inclusion in MCoC expands his lore as he employs both magical and combative skills to protect the realms alongside iconic characters like Doctor Strange.

Lore Background

Rintrah History: Hailing from the distant planet R'Vaal, Rintrah was first trained by Enitharmon the Weaver before venturing to Earth to apprentice under Doctor Strange. This journey not only sharpened his mystical abilities but also his combative tactics, making him a dual-threat in any battle scenario.

Personality Traits: Rintrah’s calm demeanor and disciplined approach allow him to carefully manipulate the battlefield. His tactical use of space and powerful defensive spells reflect his strategic mind, influencing his combat style that focuses on trapping opponents and capitalizing on their weaknesses.

Rintrah’s Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Root (Self), Neutralize, Unstoppable, Rupture, Regeneration

Rintrah's gameplay is centered around his ability to control the pacing of the fight with his Self Root mechanic, punishing opponents who rely heavily on buffs while establishing dominance over the battleground. His unique blend of unavoidable attacks and regenerative capabilities make him a formidable opponent.

Basic Attacks:

  • Light Attacks: Standard hits with a high chance to inflict Passive Neutralize, decreasing opponents’ buff accuracy.
  • Medium Attacks: Stronger strikes with potential to apply Rupture, increasing physical damage over time.
  • Heavy Attacks: Powerful attacks that pause personal Rupture effects, allowing for extended damage duration.

Passive Abilities:

  • Root: Temporarily immobilizes Rintrah, increases resistance, and generates Ruptures.
  • Regeneration: Activates when rooted or dealing damage with Special 3, replenishing Rintrah’s health based on damage dealt.
  • Unstoppable: Grants momentary immunity to being knocked back, typically activated when cornering opponents.

Special Attacks:

  1. Blessing of the Horns

    • Gains Mystical Charges and potentially a Fury Passive, skyrocketing attack ratings if conditions are met.
  2. Circle of Swords

    • Pauses and then explosively removes all Ruptures for massive damage at the end of the attack, resetting the Rupture Timer and Mystical Charges.
  3. Keeper’s Banishment

    • Heals Rintrah proportionally to the Mystical Charges amassed, and strategically repositions the opponent with their back against the wall.

Signature Ability: Never Back Down

  • Enhances Rintrah’s power gain and regenerative capabilities upon successful Neutralization of enemy buffs and during Unstoppable states, making him tougher in drawn-out engagements.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Focus on gaining and maintaining Mystical Charges to maximize Rintrah’s control and damage output abilities. Initiating combat with careful positioning to maximize the use of Root and to leverage the terrain to Rintrah’s advantage is crucial.

Advanced Techniques: Players should aim to manage the cooldowns of Root and Rupture effects, ensuring that they maximize damage during opportune moments especially when leveraging his Special 2.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Understanding the interplay between Rintrah’s Mystical Charges and his various states (Rooted, Rupture, Unstoppable) is key to mastering his combat style.

Team Composition:

  • Rintrah benefits from teams that can manipulate buffs and debuffs, complementing his abilities to neutralize and regenerate.


  1. Enemies of the Mystic Realm: With Dormammu and Vision (Aarkus) – Starts with boosted Mystical Charges, enhancing the team's buff management abilities.
  2. Live and Die by the Horns: With Rhino, Purgatory, and Mangog – Increases the efficacy and reapplication chances of Rintrah’s Ruptures.
  3. No Sword Left Behind: With Taskmaster and Captain Britain – Extends the duration of Neutralize, increasing Rintrah’s control over the battlefield.
  4. Unacceptabull: With M.O.D.O.K. – Boosts his Special 1 attack, emphasizing Rintrah’s aggressive playstyle at the onset of battle.

Countering Rintrah

Counter Tactics:

  • Utilize characters that can apply Heal Block or manipulate debuff durations to counter Rintrah’s regeneration and Root mechanics.

Rintrah Counters:

  1. Vision: Applies Heal Block effectively.
  2. Doctor Voodoo: Can manipulate buffs and debuffs to outpace Rintrah’s setup.
  3. Magneto: Deals effectively with armored and metal opponents, bypassing some of Rintrah's defenses.


Final Thoughts: Rintrah’s unique blend of magical and physical dominance, combined with his abilities focused on opponent debilitation and self-preservation, make him a tactical champion worthy of mastering. His ability to manipulate the battlefield dynamics through Mystic Charges and his Root mechanic rank him highly in terms of utility and strategic importance.

Encouragement to Experiment: Explore different strategies and mastery setups with Rintrah to unlock his full potential and dominate in both offense and defense in Marvel Contest of Champions.