The Destroyer

The Destroyer – Unleashing Devastation

Champion Breakdown

About The Destroyer

Character Class: Mystic

Brief Overview: The Destroyer is a formidable construct with immense strength and durability, designed to combat the threats posed by the Celestials. With unique abilities like Protection, Fury, Degeneration, and Power Gain, The Destroyer is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

The Destroyer Origin: Originating from Marvel Comics, The Destroyer was crafted by Odin and the All-Fathers to protect humanity from the Celestials.

Lore Background

The Destroyer History: Crafted to oppose the Celestials, The Destroyer is a mindless weapon of destruction with unparalleled power and resilience. Its origin story as a creation of Odin and the All-Fathers highlights its role as a guardian of humanity.

Personality Traits: Devoid of emotions, The Destroyer exhibits unwavering focus and power, reflected in its relentless fighting style and overwhelming abilities.

The Destroyer's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Protection, Fury, Degeneration, Power Gain. The Destroyer relies on building Destruction Charges to activate potent abilities like inflicting long-lasting Degeneration with its Special 3. With powers like Power Gain and Immunity, The Destroyer becomes a formidable force in battles.

Special Attacks:

  1. Crushing Strike - Charges up Destruction Charges with a non-stacking Hinder Debuff and Unblockable final hit.
  2. Visor Blast - Unleashes powerful damage, especially potent against Degenerating opponents.
  3. Mega Visor Blast - Inflicts intense Degeneration damage and offers strategic buffs to immobilize opponents.

Signature Ability: The Ultimate Asgardian Weapon allows The Destroyer to strategically pause Power Gain while increasing Special Attack 3 damage. It also enhances Protection and inflicts Rupture damage based on protected damage.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize The Destroyer's Protection and Power Gain to reach its devastating Special 3 quickly. Loop the Special 2 post Special 3 activation for maximum efficiency in battles.

Advanced Techniques: Master dodge timing to prevent Destruction Charge accumulation during Special 1. Optimize power management for effective chaining of Special 2 and Special 3.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Maximize Mystic Dispersion for added benefits. Make use of Liquid Courage and Double Edge due to The Destroyer's immunity to Poison and Bleed.

Team Composition: Synergize The Destroyer with champions like Morningstar, Maestro, or Peni Parker for enhanced abilities like Attack Rating boosts and debuff interactions.


  • Armored Bodies: With Morningstar, synergize to boost Attack Ratings during Special Attack 1.
  • Soul Possession: Team up with Maestro and Overseer for debuff removal and Cosmic Radiation interactions.
  • Piloted: Pair with Peni Parker and Howard the Duck for increased Energy Resistance and Fury Buff benefits.
  • Asgardian Weapon: Combine powers with Odin and Loki for improved Fury potency and Nullification effects.

Countering The Destroyer

Counter Tactics: Utilize non-damaging debuffs to hinder The Destroyer's power accumulation. Beware of wither effects and strategies that neutralize its Power Gain advantage.

The Destroyer Counters:

  1. Punisher 2099: Exploit The Destroyer's vulnerabilities with strategic debuffs and power drains.
  2. Doctor Voodoo: Neutralize The Destroyer's buffs and flip the battle dynamics in your favor.


Final Thoughts: The Destroyer, a mystical juggernaut, brings unparalleled power and unique abilities to the battlefield. With a strategic playstyle focused on Destruction Charges, Protection, and Degeneration, The Destroyer is a valuable addition to any player's roster.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into battles with The Destroyer, exploring its powerful mechanics and developing personalized strategies to unleash its full potential in Marvel Contest of Champions.