Viv Vision

Viv Vision – Master of Phasing and Power Control

Champion Breakdown

About Viv Vision

Character Class: Tech

Brief Overview: Viv Vision, the synthetic daughter of Vision, inherits all his powers with some added unique abilities making her a formidable force in the Marvel Contest of Champions. With skills such as solar energy manipulation, density alteration, and powerful phase abilities, Viv Vision can dictate the flow of battle with ease. An expert in avoiding damage while controlling the power levels of her opponents, she offers a strategic edge with a skill-dependent playstyle.

Viv Vision Origin: Originating from Marvel Comics as the brainchild of Vision in his quest to create a family, Viv Vision brings both emotional depth and technical prowess to MCoC. Her background in the Champions team as a tactician and trusted ally is well reflected in her in-game abilities and strategic utility.

Lore Background

Viv Vision History: Viv emerges from a tragic storyline where her creator, Vision, attempts to create the perfect synthezoid family, only for it to end in disaster. She inherits not only his powers but also a conflicted, evolving consciousness that grows throughout her comic book appearances, influencing her abilities and tactical approach in MCoC.

Personality Traits: As a synthezoid with a constantly evolving intelligence and emotional depth, Viv is methodical, precise, and often contemplative. Her tactical acumen in battle reflects her analytical mind, utilizing her abilities to manipulate fights advantageously without relying on brute force.

Viv Vision's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Power Drain, Suppression, Heal Block, Phasing, Incinerate

  • Light Attacks: Typically followed by Suppression debuffs.

  • Medium Attacks: Inflict Heal Block, useful for controlling opponent's recovery.

  • Heavy Attacks: Essential for removing Prowess and converting it into Solar Energy.

    • Passive Abilities:
      • Phasing: Activated on well-timed blocks allowing Viv to dodge incoming attacks entirely.
      • Power Drain: Triggers when hitting opponents, supporting power control.
      • Armor Up: Provides boosted defense at the start of each match and replenishes over time.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: "Solar Flare" - Uses Solar Energy to inflict enhanced Incinerate damage, or Plasma against mutants, can be strategically repeated by managing Solar Energy efficiently.
  2. Special 2: "Visionary Overload" - Converts Armor Ups into additional Solar Energy for potent energy bursts, requires timing interaction during the attack.
  3. Special 3: "Synthetic Supremacy" - Provides Fury, increases Attack Rating, and enhances Ability Accuracy, ideal for sealing the fate of tougher adversaries.

Signature Ability: Viv's Signature Ability, "Proteinoid Android," increases the effectiveness of her power gain from Solar Energy consumption, adding a layer of strategy with the Energy Vulnerability mechanic linked to her combo hits.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Mastering Viv Vision involves a fine balance of energy management and tactical phasing. She excels in controlling the fight's pace, making her highly effective against champions reliant on special attacks and buffs.

Advanced Techniques: Timing her phase to coincide with opponent's heavy or special attacks, and strategically using her heavy attack to maximize damage from removed Prowess are keys to maximizing her effectiveness.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Sharpening skills around timing for phasing and energy management can drastically enhance Viv's effectiveness in various matchups.

Team Composition: Viv works well in teams that benefit from her power control and debuff abilities, supporting setups that leverage tactical advantages over raw damage output.


  1. evenanandro1dcancry - Enhances team's resistance against Ability Accuracy reductions and power drain effects.
  2. I Will Save Her - Provides healing and increases attack ratings based on health levels, strengthening her resilience.
  3. Go For Champions! - Boosts team's attack rating, amplifying overall team damage output.
  4. VVVVVV - Increases potency of personal buffs and debuffs, solidifying her utility role.
  5. Hologramastery - Improves evasion capabilities, adding an extra layer of survivability.

Countering Viv Vision

Counter Tactics: Champions with strong debuff cleanse abilities or those who can prevent her from phasing effectively counter her strengths. High burst damage can override her defensive setups.

Viv Vision Counters:

  1. Hulk (Ragnarok) - His high damage output and ability to gain power through crowd excitement can challenge her control.
  2. Doctor Voodoo - Voodoo's ability to manipulate buffs and convert them into poisons can negate her Armor Ups and power control.
  3. Magik - With superior power lock and nullify abilities, Magik can significantly disrupt Viv's gameplay strategy.


Final Thoughts: Viv Vision’s unique blend of power control, damage mitigation, and strategic combat makes her a valuable asset in any player’s lineup. Whether spearheading control in tricky matchups or supporting a team with her synergistic abilities, Viv offers depth and versatility.

Encouragement to Experiment: Given the complexities and nuances of Viv Vision's abilities, players are encouraged to experiment with different strategies and team compositions to unleash her full potential in Marvel Contest of Champions.