Abomination (Immortal)

Abomination (Immortal) – The Gamma-Infused Juggernaut

Champion Breakdown

About Abomination (Immortal)

Character Class: Science

Brief Overview: Abomination (Immortal) enters the fray as a force to be reckoned with, combining relentless aggression with immense durability. His unique ability to infuse himself with Poisons makes him both a formidable damage dealer and an unyielding tank, capable of countering powerful oppressors with his debilitating acid and poisonous abilities.

Abomination (Immortal) Origin: Introduced to the game via Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC), Abomination (Immortal) hails from the vast multiverse of Marvel Comics. He emerges as a twisted form of the classic Abomination, driven by the dark influence of the "One Below All."

Lore Background

Abomination (Immortal) History: Chemist Emil Blonsky’s transformation into the monstrous Abomination is well-known, but this iteration, infused with the dreadful power of the "One Below All" after being resurrected by General Reginald Fortean, takes a more sinister turn. The result is a grotesque amalgamation of gamma mutation and malevolent force, driven by an insatiable hunger for chaos and destruction.

Personality Traits: Abomination (Immortal) is relentless and unyielding, mirroring his playstyle in MCoC. His amplified hostility and enhanced combat prowess make him an intimidating opponent. His willingness to embrace his own pain and suffering to enhance his power sets him apart from other champions.

Abomination (Immortal)'s Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Acid Burn, Weakness, Petrify, Poison

Abomination (Immortal) capitalizes on self-inflicted Poison to bolster his defenses while dishing out massive damage. His strengths lie in his ability to suppress healing, weaken opponents, and devastate them with unblockable attacks.

Basic Attacks:

  • Light Attack: Quick and precise, these can stack Poisons on opponents.
  • Medium Attack: Balanced approach to dealing damage and maintaining offensive pressure.
  • Heavy Attack: Delivers a powerful blow that inflicts Armor Break with specific synergy bonuses.

Basic Abilities:

  • Poison Immunity: Takes 100% less damage from Poison effects and benefits from healing reduction being less effective.
  • Corrosive Poisons: Contact with the opponent has a chance to inflict Poison, dealing significant damage over time.
  • Self-Inflicted Poisons: Inflicts Poisons on himself every 10th Basic Attack, enhancing Physical Resistance and inflicting Weakness on opponents who strike him while Poisoned.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1 – Toxic Roll: Inflicts Petrify, reducing regeneration and Ability Power Rate while self-inflicting Poisons to fuel future attacks.
  2. Special 2 – Corrosive Spray: Activates Toxic Aura, consuming Poisons to inflict additional Poison Debuffs on opponents with increasing efficiency.
  3. Special 3 – Acidic Feast: Inflicts Acid Burn, massively ramping up damage and enhancing the duration of Toxic Aura's poison consumption.

Signature Ability:

  • Toxic Husk: Increases the stack limit of self-inflicted Poisons and ensures Abomination starts each fight with a significant Poison stack, enhancing the duration of all Poison, Petrify, and Acid Burn effects. Awakened, this ability dramatically improves his early fight viability and sustained damage output.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Focus on maintaining Poison stacks on both Abomination and his opponent to maximize damage through Acid Burn and unblockable attacks. Use Special 2 to activate Toxic Aura and loop Special 1 to keep the Aura active and inflict devastating damage over time.

Advanced Techniques: Stack multiple Toxic Auras to accelerate the rate of Poison application, synergizing with Special 3 for significant damage bursts. Timing and managing Poisons are crucial; meticulous control over Poison stacks can effectively neutralize opponents' healing and defensive mechanisms.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Willpower / Recovery: Exploit reduced healing reduction from Poisons for consistent healing.
  • Liquid Courage: Maximize attack boosts without suffering from Poison damage.
  • Inequity: Leverage multiple Poisons to diminish opponents' attack potential.

Team Composition:

  • Synergy Champions: Pair with champions offering damage amplification and debuff reinforcement to create a well-rounded and formidable team.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. Fairest of them All: Venom the Duck, Man-Thing - Enhances Heavy Attacks, Symbiote Buffs, and opponent’s Combat Power Rate reduction.
  2. Abominable Comrade: Abomination - Inflicts Enervate Debuffs, preventing Power gain.
  3. Immortal Rulers: Red Skull - Reduces needed Basic Attacks for self-Poison, boosts Armor Up Buffs.
  4. Immortal Kings: King Groot - Potency increase in Poison effects, chances to inflict Poison and Fury charges during cooldown.
  5. Enemies Lv. 3: Hulk, Red Hulk, Hulk (Immortal), Hulk (Ragnarok) - Increases Critical Rating for all Champions.

Countering Abomination (Immortal)

Counter Tactics: Use champions immune to Poison or capable of purifying debuffs, and avoid triggering his critical hit vulnerabilities. High burst damage can bypass his tankiness and Physical Resistance.

Abomination (Immortal) Counters:

  1. Void: Utilizes debuffs effectively, making Abomination's perpetual Poison state a disadvantage.
  2. Nick Fury: Can shrug off debuffs and outlast Poison damage.
  3. Quake: Evades damage efficiently while applying consistent seismic charges and debuffs.


Final Thoughts: Abomination (Immortal) stands out for his incredible damage potential and unique mechanic of empowering himself through Poisons. His combination of tenacity and ferocity makes him a worthy addition to any player's roster.

Encouragement to Experiment: Embrace the challenge of mastering Abomination (Immortal)'s Poisons to discover how they can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Experiment with different team compositions and strategies to fully unleash his potential.