Hulk (Immortal)

Hulk (Immortal) – The Gamma Powerhouse

Champion Breakdown

About Hulk (Immortal)

Character Class: Science

Brief Overview: The Immortal Hulk represents the ultimate incarnation of Hulk's rage and resilience. Daytime may see him as a lifeless shell of Bruce Banner, but nighttime transforms him into a terrifying force even the gods fear. Possessing an extraordinary blend of Gamma Radiation and Immortality, Hulk (Immortal) is designed to dominate his enemies with unrivaled power while recovering from damage that would knock out lesser champions.

Hulk (Immortal) Origin: Rooted in Marvel Comics' "Immortal Hulk" series, this iteration of Hulk arises when Bruce Banner is murdered. However, nighttime resurrection as the Immortal Hulk sets him apart, leading to his entry into Marvel Contest of Champions as an entity that symbolizes unending rage and indestructible might.

Lore Background

Hulk (Immortal) History: The Immortal Hulk's journey begins with Bruce Banner’s death. Banner's resurrection as the Immortal Hulk at night disrupts the natural order, making him the ultimate version of Hulk. This version has seized control over other Hulks, becoming the dominant force feared by all, including celestial beings.

Personality Traits: Hulk (Immortal) is driven by an unquenchable rage and a desire to assert his dominance. His indomitable will and relentless fury define his aggressive fighting style, focusing on brute strength and survivability even in the most hopeless situations.

Hulk (Immortal)'s Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Gamma Radiation, Immortality, Stun, Suppression, Petrify

Hulk (Immortal) utilizes his Gamma Radiation to deal consistent damage while his Immortality ensures he bounces back from imminent defeat. His basic attacks include:

  • Light Attacks: Series of quick punches, building RAGE stacks.
  • Medium Attacks: Heavy blows enhancing RAGE accumulation.
  • Heavy Attacks: Refreshes RAGE timer, grants Burst Damage.

Unordered list of passive and active basic abilities:

  • Gamma Mutate: Provides Poison immunity and boosts attack rate based on lost health.
  • RAGE: Increases attack power and stores burst damage.
  • Immortality: Ensures survival, granting Unblockable status briefly when knocked out.
  • Persistent Gamma Radiation: Converts received damage into recoverable Gamma Radiation.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Rampage - Inflicts a Stun Debuff with a 60% chance on the last hit.
  2. Special 2: Shoulder Bash - Inflicts a Stun Debuff and Suppression Debuffs for each RAGE stack.
  3. Special 3: Devil Incarnate - Boosts Gamma Radiation and inflicts a Petrify Debuff, reducing Regeneration and Ability Power Rate.

Signature Ability: The Green Door - As Hulk's Gamma Radiation increases, he gains additional benefits:

  • 25%: Basic attacks can stun.
  • 50%: Stun-immune opponents receive a Weakness Debuff.
  • 75%: Permanent Petrify Debuff, diminishing Regeneration and Ability Power Rate.

Being awakened significantly enhances Hulk's ability to control and manage fights, making it crucial for maximizing his overall effectiveness in battles.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Hulk's Gamma Radiation and RAGE stacks to maximize damage. Keep an eye on his Immortality cooldown and use self-inflicting damage moves strategically. Manage his health to trigger Immortality and built-in regeneration, ensuring continued dominance throughout prolonged fights.

Advanced Techniques: Chaining Heavy Attacks into Hulk's Special 1 or Special 2 can maximize RAGE stacks quickly. Use the long stun duration of Special 2 to follow up with powerful combos. Monitor Gamma Radiation levels to unleash strategic attacks while Immortality is on cooldown.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Mastering Hulk (Immortal) involves learning to balance RAGE stack management and Immortality usage. Experienced players should focus on plotting attack sequences to build and utilize RAGE stacks efficiently.

Team Composition: Hulk (Immortal) fits well into teams where he can act as the primary damage dealer and tank. Synergize him with characters that enhance his damage output or provide complementary abilities.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. Alpha Flight Space Station: Captain Marvel (Classic), Ms. Marvel - Start with a Petrify Debuff, increasing damage and utility.
  2. Gamma Mutates: She-Hulk, Immortal Abomination, Sasquatch - Gain +5% Max Health.
  3. Extreme Measures: Hulkbuster, Thor, Captain America, Black Panther - Boost in personal Stun Effect duration and reduced opponent Ability Accuracy.
  4. Hell and Back: Dormammu, Mephisto - Hulk starts sacrificing health for Gamma Radiation, and synergy members gain various benefits.

Countering Hulk (Immortal)

Counter Tactics: Exploit the cooldown of Hulk's Immortality by dealing massive damage swiftly while it’s inactive. Heal Block and Damage over Time effects can circumvent his regeneration capabilities, and champions lowering defensive ability accuracy can negate his immortality advantage.

Hulk (Immortal) Counters:

  1. Human Torch: Utilize incinerate damage and pre-fight abilities to counter Hulk’s healing and nullify his defensive mechanisms.
  2. Archangel: His bleeds and neurotoxin effects will bypass Hulk's regen and inflict significant damage over time.
  3. Void: His ability to inflict damage consistently over time and apply multiple debuffs make him an efficient counter.


Final Thoughts: Hulk (Immortal) stands out due to his immense damage potential and the ability to withstand knockout blows. His gamma-fueled rage makes him a force to be reckoned with, blending offense and defense flawlessly.

Encouragement to Experiment: Players are encouraged to explore Hulk’s mechanics and find unique strategies to maximize his potential. Experiment with team compositions and special ability combos to uncover the full depth of his capabilities. Embrace the challenge and dominate the battleground with the unstoppable might of Hulk (Immortal).