Bishop – Master of Energy Warfare

Champion Breakdown

About Bishop

Character Class: Mutant

Brief Overview: A tough, time-traveling mutant from a dystopian future, Bishop boasts abilities that make him a formidable foe in Marvel Contest of Champions. Known for turning opponents' energy attacks against them, Bishop's gameplay revolves around power manipulation and punishing enemies that underestimate him.

Bishop Origin: Originating from Marvel Comics, Bishop was born in a future where mutants are hunted by Sentinels. After chasing a villain through time, Bishop finds himself stranded in the present day and becomes an essential member of the X-Men.

Lore Background

Bishop History: Bishop's story begins in a dark future where mutants are marked and oppressed. His mutant ability to absorb and redirect energy becomes pivotal in numerous battles. His transition through time to join forces with the X-Men has made him a versatile and strategic fighter, reflective of his survival and combative skills honed over harsh realities.

Personality Traits: Bishop is characterized by his resilience and a deep-seated drive for justice. These traits are mirrored in his gameplay, where his adaptability and counterattacking abilities shine, making him a tactical powerhouse.

Bishop's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Prowess, Regeneration, Unblockable Incinerate

Bishop’s combat effectiveness increases with his ability to manage and manipulate power within battles. While he gains momentum with every hit sustained or delivered, his tactical edge in using energy-based attacks is unrivaled.

  • Light Attack - Quick strikes, ideal for building up Prowess.
  • Medium Attack - Stronger hits which can be linked for higher energy absorption.
  • Heavy Attack - Powerful launch that can lead into more devastating combos.

Passive Abilities:

  • Persistent Power Meter: Starts fights with retained Power from previous encounters.
  • Energy Transference: Boosts energy resistance and gains Prowess by absorbing energy damage.
  • Debuff Feedback: Punishes opponents who shrug off debuffs with instant energy damage.

Special Attacks:

  1. Steady Release - Causes stacking Incinerate Debuffs on opponents, increasing in intensity with each Prowess used.
  2. Burst Release - A high-damage attack that leaves a long-lasting Incinerate Debuff, converting all built-up Prowess into direct damage.
  3. Diffusion Wave - Inflicts a potent Energy Vulnerability that can last indefinitely if the opponent is at full health.

Signature Ability:

  • Foresight - Bishop gains specific benefits for the fight depending on his starting Power level, ranging from making his Special Attacks Unblockable to starting the fight with Steady Release.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Maximize Bishop’s Prowess to leverage highly damaging special attacks. Manage your Power effectively and bait enemies into using energy attacks which Bishop can turn to his advantage.

Advanced Techniques: Timing Bishop's Power absorption and release during enemy strikes can turn the tide of battle. Knowing when to trigger his special attacks, especially after accumulating maximum Prowess, is key to mastering Bishop.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Understanding when to absorb energy and when to unleash it makes Bishop not just survivable but dominant in extended fights.

Team Composition: Leverage characters that can synergize with Bishop’s reliance on energy-based tactics. Pair him with mutants who benefit or complement his Prowess accumulation and energy manipulation.


  • Chronal Anchor: With Psylocke - Helps manage enemy Power while boosting Bishop's control in fights.
  • Energy Conduit: With Cyclops, Doctor Strange - Starts Bishop with an upper hand in Prowess and Power, catalyzing his potential right from the fight's outset.

Countering Bishop

Counter Tactics: Tech champions are Bishop’s bane as they inhibit his Prowess gain. Utilizing champs with abilities to negate or bypass energy absorption can counter Bishop effectively.

Bishop Counters:

  1. Vision - Power control prevents Bishop from ever reaching full potential.
  2. Ultron - Tech class with abilities that complement fighting against energy manipulation.


Final Thoughts: Bishop's unique ability to transform received energy into a punishing arsenal makes him a valuable asset in any player's lineup. His tactical depth provides a rewarding experience for those who master his mechanics.

Encouragement to Experiment: Each fight with Bishop offers a lesson in power management and tactical warfare. Don't shy away from experimenting with different strategies and synergies to unlock Bishop's full potential.