Black Widow (Claire Voyant)

Black Widow (Claire Voyant) – Harness the Power of Curses in Battle

Champion Breakdown

About Black Widow (Claire Voyant)

Character Class: Mystic

Brief Overview: Black Widow (Claire Voyant) is not your typical superhero; she's a mystic powerhouse who harnesses the dark arts to defeat her enemies. With abilities like Power Steal, Regeneration, and Nullify, she introduces a unique fighting style that revolves around switching curses to adapt to any combat situation, making her a versatile and strategic addition to your roster.

Black Widow (Claire Voyant) Origin: Originating from the eerie realms of Marvel Comics as a supernatural anti-hero, Claire Voyant was transformed from a spirit medium to a demonic force by Satan himself. Her powers enable her to avenge her own death by bringing the souls of the wicked to her dark master.

Lore Background

Black Widow (Claire Voyant) History: Once a victim, now a feared avenger, Claire Voyant's transformation into Black Widow followed her murder by a client. Given a second life with lethal powers by Satan, she very much deviates from her original path, collecting souls for Hell's ever-hungry realms.

Personality Traits: Claire is relentless, cunning, and unyielding in her pursuit of vengeance. Her characteristics heavily influence her in-game abilities, primarily focusing on control and survival, reflecting her relentless pursuit to fulfill her dark missions.

Black Widow (Claire Voyant)'s Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Power Steal, Regeneration, Nullify, Death Touch

  • Light Attacks: Quick and help transition into different curses.

  • Medium Attacks: Stronger hits that can infuse curses on opponents.

  • Heavy Attacks: Powerful strikes that inflict multiple debuffs depending on the active curse.

  • Passive abilities:

    • Clairvoyance Charge: Gains power and debuff-clearing charges through immunities.
    • Curse Adaptation: Switch curses via combat to access different utilities.
  • Active abilities:

    • Cursed Touch: Inflicts debuffs like Bleed, Poison, or Incinerate based on the curse in play.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Curse of Damnation - Inflicts up to three debuffs, effectively crippling the opponent’s defenses and healing capabilities.
  2. Special 2: Wrath of the Widow - Delivers a powerful multi-hit attack with potential for buff immunity, major regeneration, or critical power drain.
  3. Special 3: Soul Reaver - A devastating finisher that leverages all accumulated Clairvoyance charges for a massive damage boost.

Signature Ability: Death Immunity

  • Triggered during Death Touch, this ability prevents Claire from being knocked out, instead healing her, which crucially shifts the battle in her favor. The awakened ability enhances her survivability exponentially, making strategic special attack use a game-changing tactic.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Claire’s ability to switch curses to adapt to any fight. Manage her Clairvoyance charges efficiently to maximize her utility and offensive capabilities.

Advanced Techniques: Time your curse switches and special attacks to maintain control over the battle, using her Curse of Plague to keep opponent power levels in check or switching to Curse of Blood for healing through sustained fights.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery

  • Master switching between curses to effectively counteract specific opponent abilities and node challenges.
  • Enhance sustain through calculated use of her Regeneration capabilities.

Team Composition

  • Claire thrives in teams that compliment her ability adaptiveness. Pairing her with other Mystic champions who benefit from increased debuff durations or power control can be advantageous.


  1. Guilty Souls: With Villain Opponents - Gains increased Attack, making her more formidable against darker characters.
  2. Spider’s Bite: With Black Widow - Reduces opponent’s ability accuracy, adding to her control capabilities.
  3. Fire and Forget: With Human Torch, Sunspot, Mephisto - Inflicts a Slow Debuff, enhancing matchup against fast or evasive characters.

Countering Black Widow (Claire Voyant)

Counter Tactics: Opponents who can bypass immunities or consistently break through debuff strategies can counter Claire effectively.

Black Widow (Claire Voyant) Counters:

  1. Magneto - Exploits her metal-based attacks.
  2. Quake - Can avoid triggering Claire's debuffs altogether.
  3. Warlock - Can disrupt her ability mechanics with his techno-organic virus.


Final Thoughts: Black Widow (Claire Voyant) is a dynamic and powerful mystic champion, whose ability to adapt through various curses makes her a top contender in any matchup. Her complex mechanics offer depth and strategic gameplay that can challenge and reward both novice and veteran players alike.

Encouragement to Experiment: Every player’s style is unique, and Claire Voyant offers a playground of strategic choices with her versatile abilities. Dive into her gameplay, experiment with her curses, and tailor her formidable skills to enhance your champion roster in Marvel Contest of Champions.