Odin – Master of Asgard

Champion Breakdown

About Odin

Character Class: Cosmic

Brief Overview: Odin is the venerable King of Asgard, often regarded as the most potent of all Asgardians, thanks to his control over the vast energy known as Odinforce. This enigmatic power infuses Odin with abilities far beyond the ordinary, requiring him to rest in the fabled Odinsleep to recuperate his might. Along with his son, Thor, Odin is dedicated to safeguarding the Nine Realms from various cosmic calamities.

Odin Origin: Hailing from the rich lore of Marvel Comics, Odin is a central figure in the Asgardian pantheon and has been adapted into Marvel Contest of Champions with his nuanced mythological and comic histories intact, magnifying his lore’s depth within the game.

Lore Background

Odin History: As the All-Father of Asgard, Odin's narrative is intricately tied to the mystic realms and their interwoven dimensions. His tales often depict vast battles against Titans, Giants, and vindictive gods. A wise king and a powerhouse in battle, his tales of valor are legendary.

Personality Traits: Odin is portrayed as wise but stern, a colossal presence on the battlefield who values honor and duty. His commanding presence influences his gameplay style, emphasizing strength, resilience, and leadership.

Odin’s Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Odinforce, Fury, Armor, Energize, True Strike, Block Proficiency

  • Odinforce enables energy manipulation and augments other abilities.
  • Fury boosts his attack power.
  • Armor offers augmented defense.
  • Energize affects power rate, crucial in turning the tides of battle.
  • True Strike ensures that his attacks bypass enemy defenses like armor and evasion.
  • Block Proficiency elevates his ability to defend against incoming attacks effectively.

Special Attacks:

  1. Spear of Legends: This attack allows Odin to bypass enemy defenses with a True Strike, making it potent against evasive champions.
  2. Lightning Strike: A formidable attack that increases in damage with each buff on Odin, perfect for a strategic burst against beefier foes.
  3. Judgment: Copies all self-gained buffs during the fight, magnifying Odin’s combat effectiveness for the duration.

Signature Ability:

  • Protector of Nine Realms: Enhances his survivability and offensive capacity by gaining mirrored buffs whenever his opponent is knocked down with certain buffs active.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Leveraging Odin’s buffs to maximize his offensive and defensive capabilities is crucial. Strategic use of Odinsleep between matches in multi-fight scenarios can provide significant boosts early in subsequent fights.

Advanced Techniques: Maintaining a balance between using Odinforce charges for maximum effect and managing buffs using his special attacks is key to mastering Odin.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Understanding the sequence and timing for his special attacks combined with effective buff management is essential for unleashing Odin's full potential.

Team Composition: Odin works excellently in teams where he can contribute and enhance team buffs, especially alongside other Asgardian champions.


  1. Battle of Realms: With Mephisto – Enhances attack ratings beneficially for both champions based on team dynamics.
  2. Odinsons & Odinsdottirs: With Thor, Loki, Hela, Angela – Increases buff duration and potency, leveraging familial ties for greater power.

Countering Odin

Counter Tactics: Champions that can reliably strip or prevent buffs can cripple Odin’s strategy. Using Nullify and Stagger proficient champions can neutralize his strengths.

Odin Counters:

  1. Scarlet Witch – Her ability to spontaneously apply Nullify can undo Odin’s buff-based strategy.
  2. Dr. Voodoo – Effective at converting beneficial buffs into detrimental effects, countering Odin’s gameplay.


Final Thoughts: Odin stands as a towering figure in both lore and gameplay within Marvel Contest of Champions. His unique blend of leadership, strength, and cosmic energy manages to capture both his mythic and comic essence, making him a top-tier choice for players.

Encouragement to Experiment: Players should embrace Odin’s potential by experimenting with various strategies and team compositions to unlock the All-Father’s full battlefield supremacy.