Colossus – Unbreakable Steel Guardian

Champion Breakdown

About Colossus

Character Class: Mutant

Brief Overview: Piotr "Peter" Rasputin, known as Colossus, is a steadfast and powerful Mutant. Enclosed in living steel when his powers are activated, Colossus balances his formidable strength with resilience, boasting significant Armor Up Buffs that increase his survivability and damage output.

Colossus Origin: Making his debut in Marvel Comics, Colossus is a beloved member of the X-Men. Raised on a Russian farm before moving to America, he became a crucial part of the X-Men team, known for his indomitable spirit and physical prowess.

Lore Background

Colossus History: Colossus grew up on a Kolkhoz (collective farm) in Siberia, Russia. His modest upbringing saw a dramatic change when his mutant abilities manifested, converting his body into organic steel, granting him immense strength and durability. He left his homeland to join the X-Men in America, bringing his unyielding loyalty and fierce protection to the team.

Personality Traits: Colossus embodies loyalty, bravery, and an unwavering sense of justice. His gentle nature contrasts his imposing figure, making him both a nurturing friend and a formidable warrior. These traits translate to gameplay as his abilities reflect his power and protectiveness.

Colossus's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Armor Up, Fury passive, Fatigue Passive, Armor Up Passive, Stun

Colossus is a tanky Champion with impressive defensive and offensive capabilities. His Armor Up Buffs bolster both his damage and defense, enabling him to absorb and dish out significant damage. His heavy attack can generate Fury passives, enhancing his attacks even further.

  • Light Attacks: Swift strikes that build up to harder hits.
  • Medium Attacks: Stronger hits that can chain with light attacks.
  • Heavy Attacks: Powerful blows that can purify a stun and grant a Passive Fury for increased attack.

Passive and Active Basic Abilities:

  • Armor Up Buff: Grants an increased Armor Rating and Critical Damage Rating.
  • Bleed, Incinerate, Coldsnap & Frostbite Immunity: Prevents these effects from affecting Colossus.
  • Armor Break Immunity: Immune to Armor Break and Armor Shattered Debuffs when not fighting Tech Champions.
  • Stun Debuff: On well-timed blocks or some special attacks, inflicts a stun debuff on opponents.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Unyielding Power. Provides an indefinite Armor Up Buff. Each Armor Up Buff grants a flat 5% chance to stun the opponent.
  2. Special 2: Indomitable Force. Unblockable attack that grants additional Armor Up Buffs and allows exceeding the max stack temporarily.
  3. Special 3: Organic Steel. Inflicts an indefinite Passive Fatigue, reducing the opponent's Critical Rating drastically and enhancing Colossus's damage reduction.

Signature Ability: The Mighty Colossus!

  • Passive: Whenever one of Colossus’ Immunities protects him from an effect, he has a chance to gain an Armor up Buff. Also, he can convert expiring Armor Up Buffs into permanent ones.

Having this ability awakened significantly enhances Colossus's defensive potential, making his survivability in battles much more pronounced.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Colossus's Armor Up Buffs to maximize both his defense and offense. Focus on building and maintaining these buffs, using heavy attacks to trigger Fury passives for enhanced damage. Use Special 2 for an unblockable edge and armor bonuses.

Advanced Techniques: Mastering the timing to execute free heavy attacks after well-timed blocks can be crucial. Combine these with Special Attacks for more significant damage outputs. Regularly leverage the Stun Buff for creating openings to unleash powerful combos.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Stupify: Maximizes the Stun debuff duration, giving more time for heavy attacks.
  • Double Edge: Benefits from increased attack without worrying about Bleed damage.
  • Precision: Increases Colossus's Critical Hit Rate, making his high Critical Damage more effective.

Team Composition: Colossus benefits from synergies with fellow X-Men and other synergistic characters. Forming teams that further enhance his Armor Ups or provide additional utility will maximize his potential.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. Fastball Special: Wolverine, Old Man Logan - Grant attack and special attack bonuses plus Wolverine starts with 1 Bar of Power.
  2. Feel Cyttorak's Embrace: Juggernaut, Unstoppable Colossus - Boosts attack rating and enhances Juggernaut's buffs.
  3. Friends Level 3: Wolverine, Old Man Logan, Rogue, Beast, Domino, Magneto (House of X) - Provides attack and armor rating bonuses.
  4. Enemies Level 3: Mister Sinister, Hyperion, Magneto, Juggernaut - Grants Crit Rating bonuses.
  5. Family Level 2: Magik - Boosts health by 5%.

Countering Colossus

Counter Tactics: To effectively counter Colossus, focus on champions that can Nullify his Armor Up Buffs. Utilizing Poison or bleed effects (that bypass his immunities) can also be effective strategies. Avoid relying on Stun or Heavy attack rotations he excels against.

Colossus Counters:

  1. Doctor Voodoo: Uses nullifying effects to strip Colossus's Armor Ups and convert them into poison.


Final Thoughts: Colossus is a powerhouse with excellent defensive and offensive capabilities, making him a versatile and valuable Champion in MCoC. His resilience and ability to deal significant damage through Armor Up Buffs and Fury passives make him a formidable addition to any roster.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into battles with Colossus, experiment with various team compositions and masteries to find the optimal setup that unleashes his full potential. Adapt and refine your strategies to dominate the Contest!