Corvus Glaive

Corvus Glaive – Master of the Glaive

Champion Breakdown

About Corvus Glaive

Character Class: Cosmic

Brief Overview: Corvus Glaive is a formidable cosmic warrior serving as Thanos' loyal right-hand. Armed with a deadly halberd, Corvus excels in tactical warfare, slicing through enemies with precision and brutal efficiency. His myriad of combat abilities and strategic prowess makes him a standout in any battle scenario within Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC).

Corvus Glaive Origin: Arising from the vast Marvel Comics universe, Corvus Glaive is notably portrayed as a key member of the Black Order, a group of lethal lieutenants serving under the tyrant Thanos, marking his presence both in comic series and on-screen adaptations.

Lore Background

Corvus Glaive History: Serving under the shadow of Thanos, Corvus Glaive is not just a mere follower but a critical component in executing the dark ambitions of his master. From cosmic battles to the invasion of Earth, his tales are rife with betrayal, power, and an insatiable desire for victory.

Personality Traits: With a personality characterized by ruthless cunning and unyielding loyalty to Thanos, Corvus leverages his intelligence in battle, making him a tactician as much as a fighter. His gameplay mechanics reflect this, prioritizing strategic elimination of key targets to control the battlefield.

Corvus Glaive's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Persistent Cruelty, Glaive’s Immunity, Armor Break

  • Light Attacks: Quick slashes, effective for stacking quick hits.
  • Medium Attacks: Powerful thrusts providing increased damage output.
  • Heavy Attacks: A devastating overhead smash that can break through defenses.

Passive and Active Abilities:

  • Persistent Cruelty: Each mission completed enhances Corvus's critical damage, emphasizing his role as a finisher.
  • Glaive’s Immunity: Provides immunity against Cold Snap, Bleed, and Shock debuffs, central to his resilience in fights.
  • Armor Break: Reduces opponent's armor rating, increasing the damage they receive.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Atomic Fissure - Enhanced damage against armored opponents, slicing through defenses with added ferocity.
  2. Special 2: Piercing Slash - When immunity is active, this unblockable attack drains opponent’s power, making it a strategic tool to control enemy resources.
  3. Special 3: Glaive Toss - Inflicts massive damage, especially beneficial when Corvus is on lower health, showcasing his dangerous nature even when vulnerable.

Signature Ability: Glaive of Immortality
As long as Glaive’s Immunity is active, Corvus can survive lethal blows by sacrificing glaive charges instead of health, demonstrating his tenacity and strategic immortality in battles.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Leverage Corvus's immunity to maintain pressure on opponents. Complete missions quickly to gather charges that strengthen his critical attacks. Use his special attacks judiciously to maintain control over the fight's pace.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Timing his second special attack can strategically drain opponent's power when they're about to use a high-level special attack, thereby negating it and shifting momentum.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Mastery of Corvus Glaive involves utilizing his immunity phases and mission objectives to maximize damage while maintaining defensive robustness.

Team Composition: Corvus Glaive fits brilliantly in teams that benefit from his cosmic synergy, particularly those that enhance critical damage outputs or provide combat utility to control the battlefield.

Synergies: -Hunt the Uncanny: Wolverine, Wolverine (X-23), Storm (Classic) - Enhancements in protection against special attacks make Corvus a fortress in battles. -Challenge Defenses: With Proxima Midnight - Evolving his damage capabilities into strategic attack opportunities.

Countering Corvus Glaive

Counter Tactics: Use champions that can withstand high critical hits or manipulate debuffs effectively. Timing attacks post his immunity phase can be crucial.

Corvus Glaive Counters:

  1. Doctor Strange - Utilizes counterspells to mitigate Corvus's special attacks.
  2. Vision - Power control to prevent Corvus from effectively using his devastating special attacks.


Final Thoughts: Corvus Glaive's unique blend of offensive and defensive mechanics secured with tactical gameplay make him a versatile and powerful champion in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Encouragement to Experiment: Harness the full potential of Corvus Glaive by experimenting with various strategies and synergies. Each battle provides a new opportunity to master this cosmic gladiator's prowess.