Shocker – The Unstoppable Force of Vibro-Shock Power

Champion Breakdown

About Shocker

Character Class: Tech

Brief Overview: Herman Schultz, known as Shocker in the criminal underworld, is a testament to how innovative minds can take a turn for the lawless. With his engineering acumen, Shocker designed gauntlets capable of unleashing devastating shockwaves. His strategic utilization of stuns and a hefty heavy attack that wipes out opponents in one punch make him a formidable foe. Shocker's knack for causing mayhem has made him a notable adversary of Spider-Man, showcasing his tenacity and ingenuity on the battlefield.

Shocker Origin: Born in the pages of Marvel Comics, Shocker's transition into the world of Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) brings a character fueled by both brains and brawn to the forefront. His ingenuity and persistent challenge to Spider-Man highlight his role as a formidable tech class villain.

Lore Background

Shocker History: Herman Schultz's journey from gifted engineer to feared villain is marked by a pivotal moment during his time in prison, where he constructed the very first version of his now-infamous vibro-shock gauntlets. This transformation into Shocker turned him into a constant threat against superheroes, primarily Spider-Man.

Personality Traits: Despite his criminal activities, Shocker's personality is defined by his cunning intellect, resourcefulness, and a never-say-die attitude. These traits not only make him a tough opponent but also inform his gameplay mechanics by emphasizing preparation, timing, and maximizing damage output.

Shocker's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Shock Immunity, Unblockable, Stun, Energize

Shocker's gameplay revolves around his ability to manage and utilize Vibro-Shock Charges, which amplify his attacks and enable him to stun opponents frequently. His heavy attack, tied directly to these charges, becomes particularly devastating once he's fully charged.

  • Light Attacks: Quick jabs that can increment Vibro-Shock Charges.
  • Medium Attacks: More powerful strikes with a higher chance to stun as charges increase.
  • Heavy Attacks: Consumes Vibro-Shock Charges for a singular, immensely powerful strike.

Special Attacks:

  1. Vibro-Shock Assault: Long-range shockwave with a high stun chance, becomes unblockable with 50+ charges.
  2. Shockwave Salvo: Inflicts physical vulnerability and an extended stun, perfect for setting up heavy attacks.
  3. Excessive Property Damage: Boosts power rate and increases max Vibro-Shock Charge cap, enabling rapid charge accumulation and even more potent heavy attacks.

Signature Ability: Percussive Kickback grants Shocker Vibro-Shock Charges when stunned or when the opponent gains a Prowess, reducing the power cost of his first Special Attack 1 per fight, allowing for quicker ramp-up in engagements.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Focus on building Vibro-Shock Charges through basic attacks, use Shocker's unblockability to break through defenses, and stun opponents to set up his powerful heavy attack. The goal is to manage and utilize these charges effectively to unleash devastating attacks at the right moment.

Advanced Techniques: Master the timing of Shocker's unblockable dash to penetrate defenses, and strategically use his Special Attacks to maintain a high number of Vibro-Shock Charges while keeping opponents stunned and vulnerable.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Enhancing Shocker's stun capabilities with Masteries like Stupefy and Petrify can significantly increase his effectiveness, allowing for more openings to deliver his punishing heavy attacks.

Team Composition: Shocker fits well in teams that benefit from Tech class synergies or require characters who can control the pace of the fight with stuns.


  • Don’t Mock the Shocker!: With Punisher, Spider-Man (Classic) - Increases likelihood of Opponents activating Special Attacks.
  • Insidious: With Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Rhino, Scorpion, Daredevil (Classic) - Enhances Critical Resistance against #Spider-Verse Heroes.
  • No Safe is Safe: With Ant-Man, Black Cat - Boosts attack rating and Critical Hit chances under certain conditions.

Countering Shocker

Counter Tactics: Champions and setups that can resist or nullify stuns, or those that have high shock immunity, can help mitigate Shocker's aggressive tactics. Anticipating and evading his unblockable dash and heavy attacks can turn the tide of the battle.

Shocker Counters:

  1. Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): His ability to evade helps dodge Shocker's powerful punches.
  2. Captain America (Infinity War): With proper Kinetic Charge management, he can block and reduce the effectiveness of Shocker's stuns and heavy attacks.


Final Thoughts: Shocker's unique blend of shockwave-based offense with defensive capabilities through stuns and unblockable attacks makes him a versatile and powerful addition to any roster. His gameplay rewards strategic charge management and timing, appealing to players who enjoy characters with a balance of power and precision.

Encouragement to Experiment: Players are encouraged to explore Shocker's potential through different Mastery setups and team synergies, finding the best strategies to maximize his destructive capabilities. With the right approach, Shocker can shockingly dominate the battlefield.