Domino – Mastering the Art of Luck

Champion Breakdown

About Domino

Character Class: Mutant

Brief Overview: Neena Thurman, also known as Domino, thrives within the Marvel Contest of Champions as a product of a covert government initiative aiming to craft the ultimate weapon. This mutant's mastery over probability ensures her a unique stand in battles, leveraging luck manipulation alongside formidable Critical Bleed and Critical Damage capabilities. Explore the enigmatic allure of Domino's powers and how her unpredictable nature can turn the tides of combat in your favor.

Domino Origin: Emerged from the intricate universes of Marvel Comics, Domino becomes part of the Marvel Contest of Champions roster, bringing her distinctive abilities predominantly associated with the X-Force team. Her entry into the game unearths her rich narrative from the comics while introducing her unique gameplay mechanics.

Lore Background

Domino History: Born from a tumultuous government experiment destined to fail, Domino's life took a radical turn when she escaped from the facility that sought to control her. Alongside her mother, she forged a path of resistance, honing her innate mutant ability to manipulate probabilities—a skill that has defined her as a formidable mercenary and a valued member of X-Force.

Personality Traits: Domino’s confident and sometimes recklessly daring demeanor significantly influences her combat style, emphasizing agility, precision, and the unique capability to turn luck in her favor. Her playfulness in the face of danger and unshakeable cool under pressure make her a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.

Domino's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Luck, Critical Bleed, Critical Damage

  • Light Attacks: Fast and can trigger bleed effects.

  • Medium Attacks: Higher damage and a better chance to apply critical damage.

  • Heavy Attacks: Powerful but slower strikes that can stun opponents when timed perfectly.

  • Passive Abilities:

    • Probability Field: Manipulates luck right from the beginning, reducing opponents' Critical Rating and Accuracy.
    • Bleed Precision: Targets vital points to maximize damage through her Critical Damage boosts.
    • Power Gain: Gains power instantly whenever a Bleed expires prematurely.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1 – Stroke of Luck: Unleashes a flurry of blows, each with a chance to inflict Bleed, and refreshes all Stun and Bleed effects if Lucky.
  2. Special 2 – Auspicious Onslaught: Delivers devastating hits, each potentially causing Bleed and, if Lucky, significantly increases attack rating or taunts the opponent.
  3. Special 3 – Soldier of Fortune: A high-chance Bleed infliction, bolstering attack per Critical Hit in the battle or applying an Armor Break against Unlucky foes.

Signature Ability – Critical Failure: Transforms opponents' missed chances into Domino’s opportunity, dealing energy damage when their abilities fail to trigger, showcasing her probability manipulation at its finest.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Domino’s luck manipulation to destabilize opponents, focusing on triggering her Critical Bleed and making the best use of her Special Attacks. Keeping up the pressure to maintain her Lucky status will tilt the scales in your favor.

Advanced Techniques: Perfecting the timing of her Heavy Attacks to stun opponents and chain into her devastating Special Attacks maximizes both damage and disruption.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Amplifying Critical Rate and Damage through masteries will substantially elevate her potential. A focus on Bleed damage enhancement is also advisable to capitalize on her bleeding abilities.

Team Composition: Domino excels in teams that benefit from or enhance Critical Damage and Bleed effects. Consider pairing her with champions that provide synergy bonuses to exploit her full capabilities.


  • Six Pack – Unique With Deadpool: Increases damage against non-female, non-robot champions, adding strategic value against common foes.
  • X-Force – Unique With Deadpool (X-Force): Enhances Lucky chance, beneficial in prolonged encounters.
  • Weapon X Strike Team – Unique With Old Man Logan or Sabretooth: Boosts Lucky chance, reinforcing her unpredictability in combat.
  • Other notable synergies include partnerships with Masacre, Red Hulk, M.O.D.O.K., Taskmaster, Cable, Colossus, and Wolverine, each adding layers to her gameplay through extended debuffs, increased attack ratings, or other beneficial combat effects.

Countering Domino

Counter Tactics: Tech champions, especially those immune to or that rarely trigger Bleed, stand as formidable counters. Vision, with his immunity to Bleed and predictable ability triggers, exemplifies an ideal counter.

Domino Counters:

  1. Vision: His immunity and predictable abilities make him a solid choice.
  2. Other Tech Champions: Many have means to avoid or mitigate Bleed, reducing Domino's effectiveness.


Final Thoughts: Domino's unique blend of luck manipulation, Critical Bleed, and high-damage potentials make her a uniquely formidable character in Marvel Contest of Champions. Her unpredictability is not just a gimmick but a genuinely strategic asset that can disrupt even the most stalwart opponents.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into the chaos and luck that Domino embodies. Experimenting with her capabilities and mastering the nuances of her abilities will undeniably enrich your roster and gameplay experience, offering both a challenging and rewarding journey.

Embrace the unpredictability and make fortune favor your battles with Domino, a standout mutant whose prowess and charm cannot merely be attributed to luck alone.