Galan – Unleashing the Cosmic Wrath

Champion Breakdown

About Galan

Character Class: Cosmic

Brief Overview: Galan, previously known as the universal devourer Galactus, enters the Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) with an astounding transformation. With abilities centering around immense buffs, direct damage, and unique harvesting mechanics, Galan embodies cosmic power, transforming planetary energies into devastating attacks. Discover his journey from cosmic devourer to a strategic champion who harnesses his guilt and powers for a greater cause.

Galan Origin: Emerging from the lore of Marvel Comics as one of the most formidable beings in the universe, Galan was the last survivor of a previous universe. In MCoC, he has been tuned into a playable character with unique mechanics reflective of his cosmic nature.

Lore Background

Galan History: Galan was originally Galactus, the feared 'Devourer of Worlds' in the Marvel Universe, born from the ashes of the Big Bang. Responsible for consuming planets to sustain his life force, he transitions to a new existence in the Battlerealm, where he chooses a path of nourishment rather than destruction, delving into his "Planet Nursery."

Personality Traits: His monumental power is contrasted sharply with deep guilt over his past actions. This guilt shapes his fighting style, which focuses on harnessing and managing cosmic energies rather than outright aggression. His strategic depth in battle reflects his complex nature.

Galan's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Resistances, Fury, Intensify, Incinerate, Direct Damage

  • Light Attacks: Grants a Resist Physical Buff enhancing physical resistance.

  • Medium Attacks: Alternates between granting Resist Physical Buffs and Resist Energy Buffs, which increase energy resistance.

  • Heavy Attacks: Can trigger Planetary Harvest if Planetary Mass is over 100, causing a burst of damage.

  • Passive abilities:

    • Planetary Mass: Gains mass with each buff, pivotal for activating the powerful Planetary Harvest.
    • Solar Intensity: Increases buff potency incrementally across the fight.
    • Taa'an Biology: Immunity to various debuffs like Fate Seal and Nullify.
  • Active abilities:

    • Unstoppable, Regeneration during Planetary Harvest.
    • Buffs conversion: Can transform resistance buffers into Planetary Mass during specific attacks.

Special Attacks:

  1. Supernova Fists - Converts Resistance Buffs into Planetary Mass for substantial damage setup.
  2. Cosmic Infusion - Applies Intensify Buffs, enhancing buff potency, and includes devastating Incinerates leading to higher damage output.
  3. Universal Reset - Instantly gains 200 Planetary Mass and can activate or extend a Planetary Harvest, becoming a crucial play in critical moments for recovery or damage.

Signature Ability: Humble God of the Battlerealm - Galan becomes Stun Immune during Harvest and gains additional resistances when preventing effects like Power Drain or Lock with an immunity.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Leverage Galan’s ability to gain Planetary Mass to set up a Planetary Harvest, capitalizing on his buffs and direct damage. Manage his resistances and Harvest activation to maximize his combat effectiveness.

Advanced Techniques: Time your attacks to maximize resistance buffs before converting them with Special 1. Use Special 3 judiciously to extend the Harvest period, maintaining control and damage output in prolonged battles.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Master the balancing act of increasing Planetary Mass while managing Buff and Harvest to exploit Galan's full potential.
  • Enhance his sustainability and damage by mastering the timing and conditions under which to trigger his various abilities.

Team Composition:

  • Combining Galan with characters that can benefit from or contribute to cosmic synergies can unlock additional bonuses and enhance strategic options.


  • Heralds across the Battlerealm: Enhances abilities of Cosmic champions like Air-Walker, Cosmic Ghost Rider, enhancing their battle prowess significantly in specific conditions.

Countering Galan

Counter Tactics:

  • Utilize champions with Neutralize or frequent Special Attacks to prevent accumulation of Planetary Mass and disrupt his Harvest cycle.

Galan Counters:

  1. Scarlet Witch – With her ability to spontaneously apply Nullify, she can disrupt his Buff accumulation.
  2. Magneto – His superb control over metal can be effective against Galan’s cosmic implements.
  3. Doctor Strange – Frequent power gains and counters can strategically keep Galan's abilities in check.


Final Thoughts: Galan represents a powerful addition to any MCoC roster, requiring strategic depth and understanding to unlock his cosmic potential. His unique abilities make him a versatile and formidable opponent in the Battlerealm.

Encouragement to Experiment: Try different playstyles and synergies with Galan to explore the vast cosmic powers at your disposal, tailoring his cosmic might to your combat strategy.