Tigra – Unleashing the Feline Fury

Champion Breakdown

About Tigra

Character Class: Mystic

Brief Overview: Tigra, known as Greer Nelson in her former life, is a transformed super heroine embodying the spirit of the greatest warrior from a race of humanoid cat-people. Engulfed by mystic powers, Tigra excels in neutralizing enemies' enhancements and tearing them apart with her primal instincts and hunting prowess.

Tigra Origin: Once operating under the alias "Cat", Greer Nelson's transformation into Tigra followed a life-saving mystical ritual. She was merged with the spirit of Tigra from the cat-people's race, making her entrance into Marvel Contest of Champions a blend of mysticism and raw cat-like agility.

Lore Background

Tigra History: Originally a human, Greer Nelson’s transformation into Tigra was marked by desperate circumstances following a severe injury during her encounter with Hydra. This transformation allowed her to embrace the mystical energies and receive augmented physical capabilities and senses.

Personality Traits: Tigra is fierce, agile, and instinctive. Her fighting style mirrors her feline traits - quick, agile, and deadly, focusing on quick incapacitation of her enemies through precision and raw power.

Tigra's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Neutralize, Rupture, Primal Sense, Huntress Sense

  • Tigra’s attacks prevent opponents from gaining buffs with her Neutralize ability, transforming failed buffs into Rupture, causing physical damage.

  • Light Attacks: Quick slashes that have a chance to apply Neutralize.

  • Medium Attacks: Stronger swipes that can refresh Neutralize's duration.

  • Heavy Attacks: Powerful lunges that cause Rupture upon contact, with extended damage over time.

  • Passive Abilities:

    • Neutralize: Opponents hit have buff generation completely halted.
    • Rupture: Applies a damage over time debuff whenever buffs are prevented.
    • Primal Sense and Huntress Sense: Enhance power gain and damage output; crucial for maintaining offensive pressure.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1 – Claws and Effect: Switches between Primal Sense and Huntress Sense, enhancing either power gain or damage for subsequent attacks.
  2. Special 2 – Crouching Tiger: A devastating flurry attack with high chances of causing multiple Rupture debuffs, especially effective after stacking other debuffs.
  3. Special 3 – Prey For Mercy: Inflicts a unique, indefinite Rupture, strategically beneficial for extended fights, reapplying damage with every unblockable strike landed.

Signature Ability: Warrior Spirit - Commences battles with an initial advantage by starting with both Primal and Huntress Senses, significantly boosting Tigra's early fight dynamics.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Harness Tigra’s ability to neutralize buffs and exploit Rupture for maximized damage. Key to her strategy is maintaining her Senses states and utilizing her heavy attack to set up powerful Special 2 attacks.

Advanced Techniques: Master heavy attack launch timing to cause misses with opponent's non-contact special attacks; sequence Special 1’s strategically to maintain Senses during crucial fight stages.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Developing a rhythm between activating abilities and maintaining debuffs is crucial. Timing her heavy attacks to coincide with opponents’ specials can drastically tilt battles in her favor.

Team Composition: Tigra fits well in teams that benefit from or supplement her debuff-centric combat style.

  • Synergies:
    • West Coast Avengers: With Hawkeye and War Machine - Enhanced debuff prowess.
    • Feline Possession: With Black Panther (Civil War) and Black Panther grant Additional control against unstoppable opponents.
    • Entree: With Vulture and Howard the Duck - Increased Heavy when fighting small champions
    • Big Game Hunters: With Elsa Bloodstone - Increased efficiency against large and XL champions.

Countering Tigra

Counter Tactics: Utilize champions with high physical resistance to mitigate damage from Rupture. Champions that can purify or shorten debuff durations are effective against her strategic play.

Tigra Counters:

  1. Vision (Age of Ultron) - Can consistently clear debuffs, reducing Tigra's effectiveness.
  2. Black Widow (Claire Voyant) - With debuff immunity phases, she can negate Tigra's main source of damage.
  3. Colossus - His high physical resistance and immunity to debuffs make him a robust counter.


Final Thoughts: Tigra's unique ability to control and dismantle opponent's enhancements through rapid and precise debuffs makes her a formidable contender in the Contest.

Encouragement to Experiment: Players are encouraged to explore various team compositions and strategies to fully exploit Tigra’s prowess and adapt her to their fighting style in Marvel Contest of Champions.