Ghost – The Elusive Specter of Pym Tech

Champion Breakdown

About Ghost

Character Class: Tech

Brief Overview: Ghost is an enigmatic figure in the Marvel Contest of Champions, known for her untraceable nature and her ability to phase through solid objects. Wielding advanced technology and combat prowess, she remains a shadowy force with a keen interest in acquiring Pym Tech. Ghost's unique phasing abilities and high critical damage potential make her a formidable contender in the Contest.

Ghost Origin: Originating from the Marvel Comics universe, Ghost has maintained a powerful presence in both the criminal underworld and the Pym Tech battles. Her skills and technology blend seamlessly into the Contest of Champions, making her a captivating addition to the game's roster.

Lore Background

Ghost History: Ghost’s history is shrouded in mystery, with few knowing her true identity. In the Marvel Comics, she has been a stealthy antagonist noted for her ability to phase through physical barriers, a skill she translates effectively into the Contest. Her desire for Pym Tech is a driving force behind her confrontations.

Personality Traits: Ghost is driven, elusive, and tactical, qualities that are reflected in her fighting style. Her use of phasing technology signifies her tendency to avoid direct confrontations, preferring precision strikes and well-planned assaults.

Ghost's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Phasing, Precision, Cruelty, Fury

Ghost’s gameplay mechanics hinge on her ability to phase, rendering herself intangible and evading damage while setting up powerful counterattacks.

  • Phasing: Dash Back to activate Phasing for 2 seconds.
  • Precision: Guarantees that the next hit will be critical.
  • Cruelty: Increases critical damage.
  • Fury: Boosts attack rating.

Basic Attacks

  • Light Attacks: Fast, nimble strikes that build up Precision and Cruelty buffs.
  • Medium Attacks: Critical hits when Phasing, making them potent strikes.
  • Heavy Attacks: Have a 50% chance to apply Fury, increasing attack power.

Passive and Active Abilities

  • Phasing: While Phasing, Ghost gains a Precision Passive for 6 seconds, guaranteeing a critical hit and making her intangible.
  • Critical Hits Cannot Be Evaded: Ensures reliability in combat against elusive opponents.
  • While Phasing: Incoming attacks miss, and Damage Over Time debuffs convert to Fury Passives.

Special Attacks

  1. Special 1: Spectral Strike - A sequence of precise attacks ending in a backflip kick, granting 3 Precision Passives. Best utilized immediately after Phasing for guaranteed critical hits.

  2. Special 2: Exploit Weakness - Unleashes a combination of kicks ending with a drop kick, applying a Cruelty Buff and refreshing all Cruelty buffs.

  3. Special 3: Relentless Onslaught - Ghost phases to evade attacks and counters with her own, converting all Cruelty Buffs into permanent Cruelty Passives.

Signature Ability

Quantum Augmentation: With her signature ability awakened, Ghost begins the fight Phasing, allowing opponent’s missed attacks to generate power. This ability significantly enhances her control over the battle, especially against multi-hit specials, and greatly increases her damage potential.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Leverage Ghost's Phasing to evade attacks and then counter with guaranteed critical hits. Maintain constant movement to keep cycling between Phasing and Precision buffs.

Advanced Techniques: Master the timing of dashing back and then attacking to ensure continual activation of her Phasing ability. Utilize her Specials immediately after Phasing to maximize her critical hit potential.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Focus on Cruelty to amplify Ghost's critical damage. Liquid Courage and Double Edge can be beneficial as the debuffs they apply convert into Fury passes rather than causing damage.

Team Composition: Use Ghost in teams where her synergies can be highlighted, particularly with tech champions and those providing buffs to critical and phasing-related abilities.

Synergy Bonuses

  1. Formidable Foe: Ant-Man

    • Ghost: +15% Attack for each Buff on Ghost.
    • Ant-Man: +15% Attack for each Debuff on the opponent.
  2. Microscopic Observation: Wasp

    • Ghost: Special Attacks are Unblockable when triggered while Phasing.
  3. The Untouchables: The Hood

    • Ghost: Take no damage while Phasing.
    • The Hood: Start the fight Invisible.

Countering Ghost

Counter Tactics: Utilize champions that can apply Armor Break to shut down Ghost’s Phasing ability. Maintain high critical resistance to mitigate her damage output.

Ghost Counters

  1. Corvus Glaive: Effective with his Armor Break applications and significant damage output.
  2. Warlock: Can apply Armor Break and power control, disrupting Ghost's flow.


Final Thoughts: Ghost's blend of phasing and critical hits make her an exceptional addition to any roster. Her unique abilities offer strategic depth that proficient players can exploit for maximum impact.

Encouragement to Experiment: Explore different mastery setups and team compositions to uncover Ghost's full potential. Her advanced mechanics offer a rewarding challenge for players looking to master her phasing and critical damage capabilities.