Guillotine 2099

Guillotine 2099 – The Future’s Vengeful Spirit

Champion Breakdown

About Guillotine 2099

Character Class: Tech

Brief Overview: Guillotine 2099 is a terrifying blend of ancient demonic magic and advanced futuristic technology. Wielding the formidable "La fleur du mal," she uses her Digi-Souls and robotic abilities to conquer her foes. One of her most unique traits is her ability to digitize souls, making her a formidable opponent in extended encounters.

Guillotine 2099 Origin: This champion hails from the dystopian world of 2099, created by Alchemax Corporation in Marvel Comics. Alchemax used mystical arts and high-tech engineering to transform the demonic forces within the ancient sword into a weapon suitable for mass production, leading to the birth of Guillotine 2099.

Lore Background

Guillotine 2099 History: In the corrupted and corporate-ruled future of 2099, Guillotine 2099 was engineered to be the prototype for an army of robotic warriors. The blend of demonic sword magic and futuristic tech was intended to make her an unstoppable force, collecting souls and power for Alchemax Corporation.

Personality Traits: Cold and calculated, Guillotine 2099 operates with machine-like efficiency and a controlled fury. Her relentless drive to collect souls and complete her mission reveals a sinister edge to her otherwise robotic demeanor.

Guillotine 2099's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Robotics, Self Repair, Digi-Souls, Armor, Pre-Fight Ability

  • Basic Attacks: Guillotine 2099 doesn't naturally land critical hits. Instead, each would-be critical hit inflicts a Degeneration debuff, causing damage over time (1087.5 damage over 3 seconds).

    • Light Attacks: Fast and fluid strikes to rack up hits on the Combo Meter.
    • Medium Attacks: More powerful hits that have additional effects when combined with certain Pre-Fight abilities.
    • Heavy Attacks: Grants a Combo Shield Passive, max stacks 2, and additional stacks for every Digi-Soul.
  • Passive Abilities:

    • Robotics: Immunity to Bleed & Poison effects.
    • Combo Meter: Increases Attack Rating by +65.25 per hit, capping after 100 hits.
    • Digi-Cloak: Activates upon being attacked, causing opponent to miss (lasts 2.50 seconds per Digi-Soul).

Special Attacks:

  1. Soul Slash: Drains 20% of the opponent’s current Power per Digi-Soul on the final strike.
  2. LFM 99 Soulsplitter: Inflicts Spectre Debuff, reducing opponent’s Regeneration Rate by 120% for 12 seconds.
  3. Soul Digitizer: If the opponent is at or below 5% of max health, knocks them out and digitizes their soul, allowing Guillotine 2099 to start the next fight with 100 hits on her Combo Meter.

Signature Ability: Advanced A.I. Integration - When Guillotine 2099 would be struck, she gains Combo Shield Passive lasting 2 seconds per Digi-Soul. Under the effect of a Combo Shield, damage from incoming attacks is capped at 10% of her max health. This ability immensely helps in retaining the Combo Meter and surviving high-staked encounters.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Guillotine 2099's Combo Meter to build her offensive power. Focus on selecting the appropriate Pre-Fight abilities depending on the matchup to either gain critical hits with Huntress Function, Life Steal with Stability Function, or Power Drain with Assault Function.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Aim to finish fights with Special 3 to carry over 100 hits in the Combo Meter to the next battle for an immediate advantage.
  • Maximize the duration and effectiveness of Digi-Cloak by timing your attacks and avoiding knockdowns.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Liquid Courage and Double Edge: Immunity to Poison and Bleed makes Guillotine 2099 excel with these masteries, further enhanced with Stability Function to negate recoil damage.
  • Precision: Boosts the chance of activating Degeneration based on her critical rating.
  • Recovery: Enhances her Self-Repair, allowing more substantial healing during fights.

Team Composition:

  • Synergies with tech-focused champions like Warlock and Nebula to benefit from Power gains due to immunity.
  • Utilize Guillotine 2099's synergies to enhance critical damage and attack, making her an asset in various team strategies.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. Our Shared Curse: Morningstar, Guillotine - Increases Degeneration potency and Bleed ability accuracy.
  2. A.I. Uprising: Nebula, Sentinel, Warlock, Darkhawk - Gains a bar of power each time an immunity prevents Bleed or Poison.
  3. Enemies: Punisher 2099 - Critical rating for all champions.
  4. Nemesis: Mephisto - Gain +6% attack.

Countering Guillotine 2099

Counter Tactics:

  • Employ champions who can break or nullify her Armor Buff to increase the damage she takes.
  • Utilize champions with abilities that counter Miss mechanics to nullify her Digi-Cloak.
  • Leverage Heal Block or Reversal to negate her Self-Repair.

Guillotine 2099 Counters:

  1. Doctor Doom: Utilizes his Nullify and Fate Seal to remove her buffs and control the fight.
  2. Mysterio: Reflects her damage, counters miss mechanics, and reduces her offensive potential.
  3. Vision (Aarkus): Armor Break and Power Control to limit her capabilities.


Final Thoughts: Guillotine 2099 is a versatile tech champion, built for sustained combat and complex battles. Her unique ability to ramp up her Combo Meter and Digi-Soul abilities make her a formidable opponent and an asset in many team compositions.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into the futuristic world of Guillotine 2099 and explore the myriad ways to maximize her potential. Her combination of technology and dark magic offers an unparalleled gameplay experience in Marvel Contest of Champions.