Titania – The Unstoppable Force of Debuffs

Champion Breakdown

About Titania

Character Class: Science

Brief Overview: Meet Titania, a transformed powerhouse whose strength and indestructibility make her a force to reckon with in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC). Originally a timid girl named Mary MacPherran, she now thrives on inflicting an array of debilitating debuffs to turn the tide of any battle, making her an invaluable addition to your roster.

Titania Origin: Hailing from Marvel Comics, Titania was crafted through the twisted science of Doctor Doom, transforming Mary MacPherran into a villainous superhuman with unmatched strength and durability.

Lore Background

Titania History: Mary MacPherran's life changed forever when Doctor Doom recruited her into his army. Through his experiments, she emerged as Titania, a superpowered villain who continuously seeks to prove her might, often clashing with her rival, She-Hulk.

Personality Traits: Titania embodies a bully's confidence, using her newfound power to assert her dominance over rivals. Her aggressive and tenacious nature directly translates into her ferocious fighting style, where she becomes an indomitable force on the battlefield.

Titania's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Unblockable, Unstoppable, Indestructible, Suppression, Stagger, Weakness

Titania’s primary game mechanics involve a combination of Unblockable and Unstoppable abilities, bolstered by her compatibility with a range of debuffs that reduce opponents' effectiveness.

  • Light Attacks: Inflicts a 5% Suppression Debuff for 2 seconds. These debuffs are paused during Titania's Special Attacks, making her Light Attacks ideal for controlling opponents' power gain.
  • Medium Attacks: Enhances opportunities for successive combos, particularly with the second Medium Attack being a trigger for her Haymakers.
  • Heavy Attacks: The first hit inflicts a Stagger Debuff for 8 seconds. If executed while Haymakers’ effects are active, the Heavy Attack applies an extra stack of Titania’s active debuffs.

Passive and Active Basic Abilities:

  • Always Active: Immune to Buffs and carries +250 Physical Resistance. This disrupts Mystic Champions from capitalizing on Buffs.
  • Haymakers: Activating a Dash or a Heavy Attack grants Titania Unblockable, Unstoppable, and Indestructible Passives for 4 seconds, with a 30-second cooldown. Each hit during this period deals additional damage for every debuff on the opponent.
  • Adding Injury to Insult: Every debuff inflicted by Titania grants her a Fury Passive, increasing her attack rating and reducing Haymakers’ cooldown.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Smackdown

    • Inflicts a non-stacking Debilitate Debuff, extending the duration of new debuffs by 50% for 30 seconds. Each hit inflicts a Weakness Debuff, reducing the opponent’s Attack Rating.
  2. Special 2: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

    • The final hit inflicts a non-stacking Physical Vulnerability Debuff for 20 seconds, which refreshes with multiple Suppression Debuffs. Each hit also applies a Weakness Debuff.
  3. Special 3: Give ‘Em The Chair

    • Immediately activates Haymakers with extended duration, ignoring cooldown. Inflicts multiple debuffs with a 30% potency for 4 seconds, significantly fueling Titania’s Fury generation.

Signature Ability: Grudge Match

  • When active, there is a 30% chance to double the effect of stackable personal debuffs. Against larger opponents (size L and XL), Titania’s Fury potency increases by 30%, making her attacks exceedingly more formidable.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Titania’s Haymakers to create constant attack opportunities. Her ability to apply multiple debuffs while remaining Unstoppable and Indestructible allows you to maintain an offensive stance.

Advanced Techniques: Master the use of Titania’s Special 3 to flood opponents with debuffs, maximizing her Fury count. Integrate Heavy Attacks post Haymakers activation to pile on additional debuffs and enhance Fury effects.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Focus on mastering Titania's debuff application and timing of her Haymakers. Her powerful combos and debilitation of opponents can significantly turn the tides of battles.

Team Composition: Titania excels with characters who boost her Fury effects or can take advantage of debuffed opponents. Utilize synergy bonuses to create an effective team.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. I Will Break You: She-Hulk - Titania starts fights with 10 Fury Passives, gain +25% duration. She-Hulk’s Heavy Attacks deal additional burst damage.

  2. Do You Even Lift?: Colossus, Drax, Hulk, Hyperion - Increase potency of Fury effects by 4% for each member, maxing at 20%.

  3. Horrible Bosses: Doctor Doom, The Hood - Titania’s debuffs gain +50% Ability Accuracy for each synergy member, increased to +100% for defeated members.

  4. Punk’s Panache: Captain Marvel (Classic), Storm (Classic), Yondu - Special Attacks don't generate Power for the opponent if Titania is alive. Additional boosts include +10% Attack Rating, +750 Critical Rating, and +400 Critical Damage Rating.

  5. Ms. Creants: Black Cat, Ghost - Titania gains +20% more Power from Heavy Attacks, while Black Cat and Ghost receive additional perks.

  6. Now You’re Playing With Power: The Champion - Intercepting opponents pauses Titania’s Fury Passives and reduces Haymakers’ cooldown.

Countering Titania

Counter Tactics: To counter Titania, employ champions who can evade or purify debuffs, nullifying her Fury build-up. Focus on dodging instead of blocking her attacks.

Titania Counters:

  • Ghost: Utilize high evasion to avoid Titania’s attacks and generate counter opportunities.
  • Kingpin: Purify debuffs to prevent Titania from accumulating Fury stacks.
  • Crossbones: High tenacity allows him to shrug off debuffs, disrupting Titania’s momentum.


Final Thoughts: Titania is a powerhouse of debuffs and fury, capable of overwhelming opponents with ease. Her distinctive combination of Unstoppable and Indestructible phases, coupled with her debuff-centric gameplay, makes her a versatile and formidable contender.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into the Battlerealm with Titania, experimenting with different strategies and team compositions to uncover her full potential and dominate the competition.