Hit-Monkey – The Sharpshooting Simian Assassin Unleashed

Champion Breakdown

About Hit-Monkey

Character Class: Skill

Brief Overview: Hit-Monkey is a lethal combatant introduced in the Marvel Contest of Champions with an expertise in assassination. This agile primate wields his nunchaku with deadly precision, featuring unique abilities such as Critical Bleed, Assassin’s Cunning, and Primal Rage. With his small stature and sharp skills, Hit-Monkey is not just a fighter; he's a statement in the battleground.

Hit-Monkey Origin: Originating from Marvel Comics, Hit-Monkey is a unique character with a narrative that combines tragedy with relentless vengeance. Brought into Marvel Contest of Champions, he maintains his comic lore as a skilled assassin with enhanced simian agility and combat prowess.

Lore Background

Hit-Monkey History: Once a part of a peaceful tribe, Hit-Monkey's life took a dark turn when his tribe provided sanctuary to a wounded assassin. After his tribe was massacred by mercenaries, he adopted the way of the gun and blade from the fallen assassin, vowing to avenge his tribe by turning against all mercenaries.

Personality Traits: Hit-Monkey is characterized by his fierce independence and a stoic commitment to vengeance. These traits translate into his gameplay as a fearless fighter who can navigate through battles with evasive maneuvers and focused attacks.

Hit-Monkey's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Critical Bleed, Assassin’s Cunning, Primal Rage, Disorient, Critical Damage.

  • Nunchaku Attacks: Hit-Monkey’s use of nunchaku ensures Critical Hits when opponents are not blocking. These hits are pivotal for setting up his other abilities.
  • Combat Modes: Landing three Critical Hits consecutively toggles between Assassin’s Cunning and Primal Rage, providing tactical advantages based on the chosen mode.

Special Attacks: Special 1 - Monkey Business: This attack varies with combat mode—providing effects like Vigilance and Unblockable, refreshing combat modes upon successful impact. Special 2 - Barrels of Monkeys: Critical when activated after a Critical Hit, pauses Assassin’s Cunning and Primal Rage during the attack. Special 3 - Macaque Massacre: Delivers a Cruelty Buff enhancing Critical Damage, pausing combat modes with each strike on the opponent.

Signature Ability: The Monkey, The Myth, The Legend

  • Activates longer durations for Assassin’s Cunning and Primal Rage when the opponent is above 25% health or is a mercenary. Below 25% health, Hit-Monkey reduces enemy's defensive ability accuracy, synergizing well with Disorient from Primal Rage.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Leverage Hit-Monkey's combat modes by initiating with Critical Hits. Choose Assassin’s Cunning against evasive opponents and Primal Rage when facing armored or highly resistant foes.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Master the Medium-Light-Medium combo to maximize Bleed Effects.
  • Utilize Special 2 post-Critical Hit to maintain Critical Hits across the sequence.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Understanding the switch and effects of Assassin’s Cunning and Primal Rage is crucial. Timing his dodges and counters based on opponent moves can turn the tide in battles.

Team Composition:

  • Hit-Monkey excels in teams that complement his Bleeding and Critical Damage abilities, further augmented by synergistic bonuses with characters like Deadpool and Spider-Man.


  1. Not The Face! With Deadpool: Triggers Passive Bleed Damage if an active Bleed is immune.
  2. Spider-Monkey With Spider-Man: Enhances Assassin Mastery effects.
  3. Furry Frenemies With Rocket Raccoon and Squirrel Girl: Enhances Critical Hits and defensive combos.

Countering Hit-Monkey

Counter Tactics: Bleed Immunity negates a significant portion of his damage output. Champions that punish or are immune to Critical Hits can be effective against him.

Hit-Monkey Counters:

  1. Vision: Immunity to Bleeds and can phase through Critical Hits.
  2. Mister Sinister: Thrives against opponents reliant on Critical Hits.
  3. Agent Venom: Can ignore evasive effects and reduce Bleed duration.


Final Thoughts: Hit-Monkey is a formidable addition to any roster, particularly excelling in fast-paced combats where agility and Critical Damage are key. His unique ability to switch between tactical modes offers versatile gameplay unmatched by many.

Encouragement to Experiment: With diverse abilities and combat strategies, Hit-Monkey is a champion that rewards skill and adaptability. Explore different synergy teams and master his combat modes to fully unleash this simian assassin's potential in your battles.