Storm (Pyramid X)

Storm (Pyramid X) – Unleashing Potent Tempests in the Battlerealm

Champion Breakdown

About Storm (Pyramid X)

Character Class: Mutant

Brief Overview: Storm (Pyramid X) brings a radical twist on the classic X-Men heroine, reimagined for the Marvel Contest of Champions universe. Known for her command over the weather, this version, indoctrinated by Apocalypse into Pyramid X, wields her powerful wand, Heset’s Ruin, to control unique Tempest abilities that devastate her enemies.

Storm (Pyramid X) Origin: Hailing from a Marvel Comics inspired alternate reality, Storm (Pyramid X) differs significantly from her mainstream counterpart, having been transformed and given new allegiance and powers by Apocalypse.

Lore Background

Storm (Pyramid X) History: In her redefined backstory within the Contest of Champions' Pyramid X storyline, Storm has been remolded by her god, Apocalypse, into a formidable warrior who bends elemental forces to her will, ensuring those who defy En Sabah Nur face her wrath.

Personality Traits: Storm (Pyramid X) showcases an intense, relentless nature, a stark contrast to her Earth-616 version. Her ruthless battle tactics and strategic prowess in controlling various weather phenomena make her a dynamic and fearsome combatant.

Storm (Pyramid X)'s Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Ice Tempest, Lightning Tempest, Prowess

  • Light Attacks hit swiftly with a surge of icy winds.

  • Medium Attacks discharge electrically charged bursts, adding shocking force.

  • Heavy Attacks conjure powerful storms, intensifying her Prowess.

  • Passive Abilities:

    • Energy Damage with Basic Attacks.
    • Immunity to Coldsnap and Frostbite with Ice Tempest active.
    • Shock Effect potency reduction with Lightning Tempest.
  • Active Abilities:

    • Increases Prowess upon gaining a bar of Power.
    • Dual activation of Tempests at critical health levels.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1 – Cloudy With a Chance of Pain: Unleashing a hailstorm, Storm hampers her opponent's movement, reducing their evade and unstoppable abilities significantly while also dealing continuous Coldsnap damage.
  2. Special 2 – When Toads Meet Lightning: A burst of lightning deals damage over time; if the opponent clears this shock, immediate damage is inflicted instead. This attack can significantly reduce the opponent's defensive power rate.
  3. Special 3 – Accelerated Climate Change: A cataclysmic storm that not only boosts Storm’s attack but also activates alternative Tempests, enhancing her control over the battle.

Signature Ability: Wrath of Ororo Munroe - At low health, Storm automatically activates both Tempests, increasing her combat capabilities dramatically under pressure.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: The key is building Prowess through smart management of Tempests and Power levels. Utilize her ability to significantly reduce opponent's defenses through clever use of Special Attacks.

Advanced Techniques: Timing her Heavy Attack to coincide with Special Attack launches maximizes damage output, exploiting the full potential of her Prowess stacks.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Mastery of Storm (Pyramid X) involves managing her Tempests and Prowess, keeping an eye on both player's and opponent’s Power meters to optimize her abilities.

Team Composition:

  • Synergy Bonuses:
    1. Champions of Battleworld (with Sorcerer Supreme): Reduces the effectiveness of opponent’s Nullify abilities against her.
    2. Setup and Spike (with Bishop): Prolongs Prowess duration, enhancing damage potential.
    3. Under the Weather (with classic Storm): Dramatically increases resistance and Special Attack damage under certain conditions.
    4. Kingdom of Wakanda (with Black Panther variants): Enhances Bleed Deffects.
    5. Spider-Guild (with Spider-Man variants): Bolsters Evade and Stun capabilities.

Countering Storm (Pyramid X)

Counter Tactics:

  • Utilizing Power Lock or Power Drain effectively neutralizes her Tempests and Prowess, significantly diminishing her threat level.
  • Strategic use of Nullify can also cap her combat efficacy.

Storm (Pyramid X) Counters:

  1. Vision (Age of Ultron) - His Power Drain directly counters her abilities.
  2. Doctor Voodoo - Effective at managing buffs and debuffs, turning her strengths into vulnerabilities.


Final Thoughts: Storm (Pyramid X) is a uniquely potent champion, brimming with tactical diversity. Her ability to manipulate battle conditions makes her a high-value combatant in numerous scenarios.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into the dynamics of Storm (Pyramid X) and explore the multitude of strategic layers she offers. Mastering her will unlock a thrilling and powerful playstyle that can dominate in various contest tiers.