Human Torch

Human Torch – The Fiery Defender of The Contest

Champion Breakdown

About Human Torch

Character Class: Science

Brief Overview: Meet Johnny Storm, better known as the Human Torch. A key member of the Fantastic Four, Johnny wields the power to generate and control fire. By enveloping his body in flames, he not only gains the ability to fly but can also unleash powerful fiery attacks. This hot-headed character specializes in melting his opponents with Incinerate Debuffs and ramping up his Temperature to maximize damage output.

Human Torch Origin: Hailing from Marvel Comics, Johnny Storm's powers emerged after a cosmic radiation accident during a space flight. Embracing his new abilities, he adopts the moniker Human Torch and teams up with the Fantastic Four to fight evil.

Lore Background

Human Torch History: Johnny Storm's journey began with an ill-fated space mission that exposed him and his companions to cosmic radiation. This accident granted Johnny the ability to create and manipulate fire, transforming him into the fiery Human Torch. Over the years, Human Torch has faced countless challenges, including battles alongside the Fantastic Four against formidable adversaries like Doctor Doom and Galactus.

Personality Traits: Human Torch is known for his fiery temperament and adventurous spirit. His quick reflexes and penchant for daring maneuvers are reflected in his fast-paced, high-damage gameplay style. Johnny's impulsiveness can be both a strength and a weakness, manifesting in his aggressive combat strategies.

Human Torch's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Pre-Fight Ability, Temperature, Incinerate, Nova Flame

Human Torch deploys a range of searing attacks to burn his enemies.

  • Light Attacks: Fast, consecutive punches that place Incinerate Debuffs on the opponent.

  • Medium Attacks: Stronger strikes that also contribute to Johnny's Temperature.

  • Heavy Attacks: A singular powerful strike that refreshes Incinerate Debuffs' duration.

  • Passive and Active Basic Abilities:

    • Pre-Fight Ability: Human Torch can activate his Nova Form, converting Incinerates to Nova Flames, adding Power Sting, and ignoring immunity.
    • Temperature: Johnny's Temperature increases with specific moves and enhances his Incinerates' effects.
    • Incinerate: Standard flame debuff dealing damage over time.
    • Nova Flame: Upgraded Incinerate that bypasses immunities and inflicts Power Sting.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Flame Barrage - A rapid volley of fiery blasts that stack multiple Incinerate Debuffs, increasing overall damage over time.
  2. Special 2: Inferno Burst - Releases an explosive burst of flames, raising Temperature and inflicting a potent Nova Flame Debuff, reducing opponent’s energy resistance.
  3. Special 3: Nova Blaster - Johnny channels his full power into a devastating flame attack, maxing out his Temperature and converting all active Incinerates to Nova Flames.

Signature Ability: Burning Vengeance – Upon Johnny's signature ability activation, his abilities gain bonuses whenever he is faced with a Mystic champion or suffers from any Energy Damage. Having his signature ability awakened considerably enhances his capability to take down opponents, especially Mystics.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Leverage Human Torch's abilities to continually stack Incinerate Debuffs while maintaining high Temperature. Activate Nova Form pre-fight for tough battles to benefit from Nova Flames.

Advanced Techniques: Utilize Heavy Attacks to refresh Incinerate Debuffs and ensure Temperature remains high. Timing the use of Special 2 and Special 3 can optimize damage output by converting Incinerates to Nova Flames.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Focus on learning the timing for Johnny's Heavy Attack to keep the Incinerates active. Maximize Temp control to stack debuffs effectively.

Team Composition: Human Torch benefits in teams with synergies that boost attack or debuff potency, ideally those that enhance Science champions.

Synergy Bonuses:

  • Fantastic Four: Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing – Increases damage, increases debuff duration.
  • Fire and Ice: Iceman – Reduces Incinerate duration of allies.
  • Shared Adventure: Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) - Power Gain bonus.

Countering Human Torch

Counter Tactics: It’s crucial to use champions that are immune to Incinerate or have strong regenerative abilities. Exploit Johnny's reliance on Incinerate Debuffs by bringing characters that can cleanse or neutralize them.

Human Torch Counters:

  • Red Hulk: Immune to Incinerate and converts them to Heat Charges.
  • Nick Fury: Long-duration Bleed which can nullify Human Torch's Incinerates.


Final Thoughts: Human Torch is a fiery powerhouse, capable of delivering devastating burns to his foes. With unique Temperature mechanics and potent debuffs, he adds both flare and firepower to any team.

Encouragement to Experiment: Don't be afraid to play around with his pre-fight abilities and synergies. Experimenting with different strategies will unlock his full potential, making Johnny Storm a standout force in The Contest.