Absorbing Man

Absorbing Man – The Shape-shifting Brawler

Champion Breakdown

About Absorbing Man

Character Class: Mystic

Brief Overview: Absorbing Man, also known as Carl “Crusher” Creel, wields the incredible ability to absorb the properties of anything he touches. A formidable boxer turned villain, Creel uses his versatility to adapt and dominate in battles, making him a unique addition to Marvel Contest of Champions.

Absorbing Man Origin: Carl Creel hails from Marvel Comics and was a heavyweight boxer before Loki transformed him using Asgardian magic, giving him his absorbing powers. This laid the groundwork for his journey into villainy and subsequent inclusion in the MCoC universe.

Lore Background

Absorbing Man History: Creel's journey began in prison, where he was transformed by Loki with a potion that granted him his absorbing abilities. Breaking free from prison, he became a villain for hire and joined the notorious Masters of Evil under Baron Zemo. His history is interwoven with battles against various superheroes, showcasing his resilience and adaptability.

Personality Traits: Absorbing Man is tenacious and unyielding, traits that translate into his gameplay style. His ability to turn the tide of battles by absorbing his enemy’s strengths reflects his confidence and strategic mindset.

Absorbing Man's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Buff Duration Reduction, Vulnerability, Black Uru Form, Magma Form

Light Attack: Quick, repetitive punches ideal for building combos.

Medium Attack: Hard-hitting strikes that apply additional effects depending on his current form.

Heavy Attack: A powerful, charged attack that benefits greatly from critical hits, especially when not landing on a stunned opponent.

  • Passive Abilities:
    • Immunity to Armor Break and Armor Shattered Debuffs
    • Reduces Opponent’s Buff durations significantly
    • 20% Critical Resistance
  • Active Abilities:
    • Omni-Morph Forms: Black Uru and Magma, each providing specific benefits (physical resistance and energy resistance respectively)
    • Morph Charges: Build and consume them to enhance abilities and deal massive damage.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Uru Rush

    • Enter Black Uru Form: Grants Bleed and Shock Immunity and +9000 Physical Resistance.
    • In Refined state: Enhances damage through blocks.
  2. Special 2: Magma Spin

    • Enter Magma Form: Grants Incinerate, Coldsnap, and Frostbite Immunity and +9000 Energy Resistance.
    • In Refined state: Inflicts Incinerate Passive with Energy Damage on contact.
  3. Special 3: Forbidden Fruit

    • Grants indefinite Cruelty Passive to increase Critical Damage Rating.
    • Activates and Pauses the most recent Form in its Refined state for 15 seconds.

Signature Ability: Breaker of Wills

  • Extends Omni-Morph Forms by 40%.
  • When consuming Morph Charges, gains a non-stacking Regeneration Passive healing 30% of missing Health over 12 seconds.
  • Effective on defense, triggering health recovery upon form changes.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Leverage Absorbing Man’s adaptive abilities to counter various opponents. Utilize his Special Attacks strategically to maintain and transition between forms, maximizing his damage output while resisting enemy attacks.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Master light intercepts to pause forms and inflict Vulnerability.
  • Utilize Heavy Attacks post-specials to ensure critical hits, enhancing burst damage.
  • Balance Special 1 and Special 2 usage to utilize different resistances effectively.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Focus on learning to pause and refine his forms efficiently. Recognizing windows of opportunity to land Light Attacks during opponent’s animations will significantly boost his effectiveness.

Team Composition:

  • Pair Absorbing Man with champions providing bonuses to critical damage and resistance.
  • Optimize teams to complement his defensive and offensive abilities, enhancing his versatility in different fights.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. The Green Door: Abomination (Immortal), Hulk (Immortal)

    • Absorbing Man: Gain Poison immunity and extended Omni-Morph Form duration.
    • Other champs receive respective enhancements in Energy Resistance and Immortality Ability Accuracy.
  2. Sins of the Father: Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen)

    • Absorbing Man: Gain Block Proficiency/ Critical Rating based on Combo Meter.
    • Daredevil: Extended duration for personal buffs.
  3. Hands-On Approach: Rogue

    • Absorbing Man: Reduced duration of non-damaging Debuffs excluding Stuns.
    • Rogue: Buffs duration pause during Opponent’s Special Attacks.
  4. The Worthy: Thor, Thor (Jane Foster)

    • Absorbing Man: Inflict Armor Break on second Medium Attack.
    • Thor: Armor Break on Heavy Attack.
    • Thor (Jane Foster): Converts Shocks to Degeneration against Cosmic champions.
  5. Rogue’s Romance: Titania

    • Absorbing Man: Gain additional Critical Damage Rating.
    • Titania: Gains Bleed Immunity.
  6. Enemies: Black Bolt, Thor, Ant-Man, Wasp

    • All Champions: +115 Critical Rating.

Countering Absorbing Man

Counter Tactics: Aim to disrupt his form transitions by attacking immediately post-specials. Use champions with True Damage to negate his healing and focus on applying direct damage that bypasses his resistances.

Absorbing Man Counters:

  1. Void: Applies constant debuffs that disrupt Absorbing Man's abilities.
  2. Human Torch: High energy damage counters his forms efficiently.
  3. Archangel: Bleed and Neurotoxin abilities limit Absorbing Man's survivability.


Final Thoughts: Absorbing Man’s strategic adaptability and powerful morph abilities make him a formidable challenge for foes and an asset for players. His versatility and unique mechanics ensure he stands out in the Battlerealm.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into mastering Absorbing Man’s dynamic playstyle, experiment with his forms, and discover the most effective ways to maximize his potential in your roster.