Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike – The Unrelenting Cyborg Assassin

Champion Breakdown

About Lady Deathstrike

Character Class: Tech

Brief Overview: Lady Deathstrike, born Yuriko Oyama, embarked on a path of vengeance, transforming herself into a fearsome cyborg equipped with adamantium claws and enhanced healing capabilities. Her unique playstyle revolves around maintaining a state of Ferocity, allowing her to deal massive damage if deftly managed.

Lady Deathstrike Origin: Originating from the Marvel Comics universe, Lady Deathstrike becomes relentlessly obsessed with punishing Wolverine who she believes stole her father’s legacy. This storied origin sets the stage for her relentless and cunning nature in the MCoC battlegrounds.

Lore Background

Lady Deathstrike History: Lady Deathstrike's vendetta against Wolverine is grounded in her father’s stolen work on adamantium bonding. After embracing cybernetic enhancements to avenge her father, she loses her humanity, fully committing to her vengeful path. These pivotal events are reflected in her ruthless in-game abilities and cyborg features.

Personality Traits: Lady Deathstrike is driven by vengeance and a single-minded determination. Her relentless pursuit of Wolverine showcases her tenacity and willingness to sacrifice everything, including her humanity. This merciless nature translates to a brutal and unyielding fighting style in the game.

Lady Deathstrike's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Rupture, Ferocity, Armor, Heal Block

Lady Deathstrike excels at inflicting Ruptures and maintaining her Ferocity state to maximize damage output. Her basic attacks, though not particularly special, supplement her abilities perfectly.

  • Light Attacks: Rapid strikes, with all being nail attacks inflicting Rupture except for the last one.

  • Medium Attacks: Includes Heal Block, integral to controlling opponent’s health shifts.

  • Heavy Attacks: Slow but powerful, essential for stacking Armor Up effects.

  • Passive & Active Basic Abilities:

    • Always Active: Incoming Bleeds and Poisons reduced potency, Willpower Mastery reduced potency against her, Ability Accuracy cannot be modified against Mutants.
    • Machine Body: Gains indefinite Armor Up Buff at start, additional Armor Up for every 25 combo hits.
    • Nanobots Regenerator: Regenerates 90% hit damage from Special Attacks, becomes immune to Armor Break and Rupture during opponent’s Specials.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Precise Butchery

    • Inflicts Torment Debuff, extending damaging Debuff durations, Ruptures paused during the Special. With Ferocity active, boosts Attack Rating and increases Torment duration.
  2. Special 2: Savage Assault

    • Gains 25 Ferocity Charges, with Ferocity active it restores and pauses Ferocity, extending its duration. Ideal for accumulating Ferocity quickly.
  3. Special 3: Relentless Strikes

    • Grants Relentless Passive increasing Ferocity’s bonuses and allowing Ruptures to bypass blocks for an extended duration. Useful for prolonged battles.

Signature Ability: Cybernetic Assassin

  • Reduces hits needed for Armor Up, increases max stacks. Enhances Rupture potency with Armor Ups, and punishes opponents with regrowth abilities by inflicting Rupture Debuffs based on prevented health by Heal Block. Awakening her significantly ramps her damage and control over regenerative opponents.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Focus on building and maintaining Ferocity to maximize damage output. Avoid blocking to keep Ferocity active and utilize Special 2 strategically to retain Ferocity while blocking if necessary.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Comboing Specials: Use Special 2 to boost Ferocity and immediately follow up with Special 1 for extended Rupture and Torment duration.
  • Armor Up Management: Maintain and quickly build Armor Ups to enhance damage and defensive capabilities.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Coagulate: Makes her nearly immune to Bleed.
  • Inequity: Reduces enemy attack power due to the high volume of Debuffs she places.
  • Recoil Masteries: Synergizes well with her resistances and regenerative capabilities from Nanobots.

Team Composition:

  • Strong synergies with champions who provide additional Armor Up or damage bonuses.
  • Ideal in teams needing reliable Heal Block and high sustained damage output.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. True Hatred: Wolverine, Old Man Logan, Wolverine (Weapon X)
    • Lady Deathstrike gains Cross-Fight Fury Buffs against #X-Men, especially potent against Wolverines.
  2. Omega Sentinel Potential: Sentinel, Omega Sentinel
    • Gains increased Armor Up potency, Heal Block duration, and special attack defense.
  3. 12 Inch Nails: Anti-Venom
    • Power gain while striking into blocks, enhancing relentless and Ferocity Passives.

Countering Lady Deathstrike

Counter Tactics:

  • Keep her Armor Up deactivated to reduce her damage.
  • Utilize champions that can Armor Break or are immune to Rupture to hinder her damage output.
  • Exploit her low health and defensive vulnerabilities when her Armor Up is compromised.

Lady Deathstrike Counters:

  1. Armor Break Champions:

    • Nullifying her Armor Ups negates her regenerative capabilities and reduces damage.
  2. High Rupture Resistance:

    • Champions immune to physical damage types or having high resistance mitigate her main damage sources.


Final Thoughts: Lady Deathstrike’s unique mechanics and high damage potential make her a valuable asset for skilled players. Her reliance on managing Ferocity without blocking may pose a challenge, but mastering this playstyle is rewarding.

Encouragement to Experiment: Embrace her aggressive playstyle and develop a rhythm for dodging instead of blocking to fully capitalize on her capabilities. Experiment with different team compositions and synergies to maximize her effectiveness in various scenarios.