King Groot (Deathless)

King Groot (Deathless) – Mastering the Inferno of the Deathless Overlord

Champion Breakdown

About King Groot (Deathless)

Character Class: Cosmic

Brief Overview: King Groot (Deathless), a formidable cosmic entity, thrives as a tanky attacker utilizing Fury, Ignition, Armor Break, Incinerate, and Regeneration to dominate his foes. Moulded from the Death Realm by a Death Stone-enhanced Thanos, this version of King Groot is not just about resilience, but also about overpowering enemies with fiery destruction.

King Groot Origin: King Groot (Deathless) stems from an alternate, bleaker dimension relative to the traditional Marvel Universe, created specifically for Marvel Contest of Champions. He represents a 'Deathless' enhancement of the original King Groot character, empowered to lead the charge in cosmic conquests.

Lore Background

King Groot History: As a 'Deathless' creation of Thanos, King Groot was given life from the ashes of a desolate alien forest, specifically crafted to rule and ravage through the Battlerealm. Infused with dark energies, he commands the battlefield with an iron fist and a heart of fire, a stark contrast to his usually benign self.

Personality Traits: Dominant and relentless, King Groot (Deathless) is characterized by his overwhelming desire to conquer and burn. This translates into his aggressive and unyielding fighting style, marked particularly by his utilization of incendiary powers and superior physical resilience.

King Groot's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Fury, Ignition, Armor Break, Incinerate, Regeneration

  • Light Attacks - Quick, precise strikes enabling rapid accumulation of Fury Buffs.
  • Medium Attacks - Stronger hits that have a chance to apply Armor Break, setting up powerful combos.
  • Heavy Attacks - Slower, deliberate strikes that deal burst energy damage; damage doubles if the opponent is Incinerated and pauses all Incinerate and Armor Break Debuffs on the opponent.

Special Attacks:

  1. Incendiary Intensity - Delivers multiple hits that apply Armor Break, reducing the opponent’s Energy Resistance and potentially making them indefinite.
  2. Infernal Bombardment - Launches a devastating barrage that deals amplified energy damage and triggers Incinerate, significantly enhanced by consuming Ignition Buffs.
  3. Savagery Unleashed - A powerful regenerative ability that recovers health, with increased duration if Malice is active.

Signature Ability:

  • Unyielding Might - Enhances Incinerate duration and activates a substantial Regeneration Buff during Malice cooldown.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: King Groot (Deathless) excels in extended fights due to his ability to gradually enhance his Fury potency and utilize regenerative capabilities to outlast opponents. Players should focus on maintaining buffs and strategically timing Special Attacks for maximal effect.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Exploit the Malice cycle to maximize Fury Buff accumulation and then unleash the buffed Incinerate with Special Attack 2 for devastating damage bursts.
  • Use Heavy Attacks to manage debuff durations effectively, ensuring ongoing damage and Armor weakening.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Master the timing and rotation between buff accumulation and debuff application for optimal damage output and survivability.
  • Invest in Masteries that enhance buff potency and duration, particularly those that extend the effects of Fury and Incinerate.

Team Composition:

  • Pair King Groot (Deathless) with champions that can benefit from or supplement his Incinerate and Armor Break capabilities, enhancing overall team damage and debuff synergy.


  • Abscission: Increases Offensive Combat Power Rate when the opponent is under Incinerate or Poison effects.
  • Precursor: Provides additional personal Fury Buffs and enhances Fury Charge gain during Malice cooldown with other #Deathless Champions.
  • Deathless Reaper: Introduces Undermine Buff during Special Attacks, further enhancing offensive capabilities.

Countering King Groot

Counter Tactics: Utilize champions with strong Nullify abilities to strip King Groot (Deathless) of his powerful buffs and mitigate his regenerative powers.

King Groot Counters:

  • Doctor Voodoo: His ability to convert buffs into poison makes him an excellent counter to mitigate King Groot (Deathless)’s Fury and Regeneration.


Final Thoughts: King Groot (Deathless) embodies the perfect blend of resilience and fiery assault prowess, making him a formidable addition to any roster. With his enhanced abilities in the Deathless form, he offers both strategic depth and raw power in fights.

Encouragement to Experiment: Players are encouraged to explore various strategies and synergies with King Groot (Deathless) to fully leverage his unique capabilities within different team setups and combat scenarios.