Prowler – Mastering the Shadows

Champion Breakdown

About Prowler

Character Class: Tech
Brief Overview: Hobie Brown, known as Prowler, is a resourceful inventor turned hero who utilizes gadgets and armor to control the battlefield. With abilities like Bleed/Incinerate Immunity, Rupture, Falter, Power Drain, and Pursuit, Prowler excels in manipulating power levels and dealing significant damage.

Prowler Origin: Introduced in Marvel Comics, Prowler started as a villain before turning his life around to fight for justice and causes he believes in.

Lore Background

Prowler History: Hobie Brown's journey from a struggling inventor to a reformed hero showcases his growth and dedication to doing what’s right. His experiences have shaped him into a formidable force for good, using his skills and intellect to stand up against injustice.

Personality Traits: Prowler is known for his resourcefulness, determination, and courage. His altruistic nature drives him to protect others and stand up against those who seek to harm.

Prowler's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities:

  • Bleed/Incinerate/Falter Immunity, Rupture, Falter, Power Drain, Pursuit
  • Light Attacks: Quick strikes for building up combos.
  • Medium Attacks: Non-contact pneumatic blasts that inflict Rupture upon Critical Hits.
  • Heavy Attacks: Inflict Incinerate on opponents with 0 Power for increased damage.

Special Attacks:

  1. Approaching Dusk - Grants Pursuit to prevent Evades.
  2. Creeping In The Night - Inflicts powerful Ruptures for increased damage.
  3. Enlightened Gloom - Overcharges Prowler for increased Combat Power Rate and damage output.

Signature Ability: "Courtesy of the Prowler" boosts Prowler’s Critical Rating while Faltered, making his Special Attacks Unblockable when he has 30 Fury effects.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Prowler's Power Drain and Falter effects to control power levels and maximize damage output. Focus on building Fury effects to enhance his Special Attacks.

Advanced Techniques: Timing Heavy Attacks to apply Incinerate and pausing Ruptures during Special Attacks can significantly boost Prowler's damage potential.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Prioritize Critical Rating and Critical Damage to enhance Prowler's Rupture effects. For defenders, invest in Block Penetration to exploit non-contact Medium Attacks.

Team Composition: Synergize Prowler with champions like Falcon and Spider-Man for additional buffs and synergies that amplify his abilities.


  • Defenders for a Day: Falcon, Havok, Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Nova - Increased Perfect Block Chance.
  • Hooked on a Feeling: Black Cat, Darkhawk, Ghost Rider, Ironheart - Boosted Critical Rating.
  • Caped Crusaders: Gladiator, Magneto (House of X), Moon Knight - Special Attack 2 grants Fury Buff.
  • Showing the Light: Spider-Man (Classic) - Chance to Evade with synergy benefit.

Countering Prowler

Counter Tactics: Exploit Prowler's vulnerabilities to Cosmic Immunities, Anti-Miss effects, and Armor Bypass to diminish his damage potential.

Prowler Counters:

  • Captain America (Classic): Use his power control abilities to counter Prowler's offensive threats effectively.


Final Thoughts: Prowler's versatile kit, power manipulation, and damage potential make him a valuable addition to any roster. Experiment with his abilities and synergies to uncover unique strategies that suit your playstyle.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into battles with Prowler, mastering his mechanics and synergies to unleash his full potential on the battlefield. Master the shadows and harness the power of Prowler for victory in Marvel Contest of Champions.