Quicksilver – The Speedster Redefined

Champion Breakdown

About Quicksilver

Character Class: Science

Brief Overview: Pietro Maximoff, better known as Quicksilver, is a superhero with superhuman speed and agility. His primary abilities in Marvel Contest of Champions include Evade, Wither, Whiplash, and Terminal Velocity, making him a versatile addition with unique battlefield tactics.

Quicksilver Origin: Originally from Marvel Comics, Quicksilver has undergone various adaptations. In MCoC, his character is intricately designed, showcasing his super speed and agility, which all stem from painful experiments that bestowed him these powers.

Lore Background

Quicksilver's History: Quicksilver, along with his sister, was subjected to experiments by the High Evolutionary, which granted him his speedy powers. He uses these abilities to fight against evil, often alongside or in conflict with various heroes and villains across the Marvel Universe.

Personality Traits: Quicksilver's personality in MCoC mirrors his comic book counterpart—impulsive and sometimes abrasive yet deeply caring and fiercely protective of his sister. His speed-driven fighting style reflects his urgent, sometimes impatient nature.

Quicksilver's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Evade, Wither, Whiplash, Terminal Velocity

  • Light Attacks: Quick jabs, building Momentum Charges essential for powering up his abilities.
  • Medium Attacks: Stronger punches that refresh Whiplash debuffs.
  • Heavy Attacks: Powerful strikes that double Momentum Charges for a duration, crucial for quicker buildup.

Special Attacks:

  1. Hypersonic Trampling - Gains Momentum Charges and refreshes Whiplash and Wither debuffs, becoming unblockable under Terminal Velocity.
  2. Beat Down - Inflicts Trauma which increases Whiplash damage, best used when near 50 stacks of Whiplash.
  3. I am Speed - Provides a massive boost to Momentum Charges and increases Whiplash Ability Accuracy, best used to maximize stun durations and damage output.

Signature Ability: Spell Mastery increases Terminal Velocity duration and enhances Wither's effectiveness, adding strategic depth through better control of power gain and stun capabilities.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Build Momentum with basic and heavy attacks. Use Special 1 to quickly increase Momentum, followed by Special 2 or Special 3 based on the situation to maximize damage or control effects.

Advanced Techniques: Timing Special 2 when nearing 50 stacks of Whiplash can devastate opponents, especially when paired with the Trauma buff from the same attack.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Mastering Quicksilver involves focusing on the timing and balance between attacking to build Momentum and strategically using Special Moves to utilize Whiplash and Terminal Velocity effectively.

Team Composition:

  • Pairing Quicksilver with characters enhancing debuffs or with synergy bonuses can augment his battlefield utility.


  • Dear Sister: With Scarlet Witch variants - Increases Special Attack power post-Max Momentum.
  • Spiritual Uncle: With Wiccan - Boosts Degeneration Resistance, enhancing durability.
  • Break Out: With mutants like Magneto & Wolverine - Enhances Whiplash damage and reduces opponent’s Purify effectiveness.

Countering Quicksilver

Counter Tactics: Champions with high Physical Resistance or abilities to Purify themselves effectively counter Quicksilver's flurry of Whiplash attacks.

Quicksilver Counters:

  1. Vision: His Power Control can effectively limit Quicksilver’s ability activations.
  2. Hulk (Ragnarok): His high Physical Resistance dilutes Quicksilver’s damage output.
  3. Black Widow (Claire Voyant): Her ability to Purify can neutralize Whiplash debuffs.


Final Thoughts: Quicksilver is not just a fast hero; his versatile skill set makes him a formidable opponent and a valuable team player in Marvel Contest of Champions. His ability to manipulate the flow of battle with speed and debuffs makes him a unique champion.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into Quicksilver’s fast-paced gameplay, experiment with his momentum and special attacks, and discover how his speed can be your key to victory!