Mysterio – The Master of Illusion

Champion Breakdown

About Mysterio

Character Class: Tech

Brief Overview: Step into a world of illusions with Mysterio, a master villain who leverages his expertise in special effects to deceive and conquer. With abilities focused on Heal Block, Damage Reflection, and Power Drain, Mysterio brings a unique blend of defense and poison damage that can turn the tide of any battle.

Mysterio Origin: Known as Quentin Beck in Marvel Comics, Mysterio was one of the most skilled special effects masters in the industry who turned to a life of crime when his dreams of recognition seemed unreachable. Debuting in “The Amazing Spider-Man #13,” Mysterio brings his cinematic illusions to the Contest of Champions.

Lore Background

Mysterio History: Mysterio’s transition from a special effects artist to a super-villain is driven by his desire for fame and recognition. After numerous failed attempts to gain acclaim through hard work, Beck turned his advanced knowledge of illusions to a life of crime, often coming into conflict with Spider-Man. His history is marked by a blend of brilliance and desperation, making him one of Spider-Man’s most cunning and persistent adversaries.

Personality Traits: Mysterio is intelligent, egotistical, and driven by a profound need for recognition and validation. His penchant for theatrics and deception significantly influences his mechanics in MCoC, making him both a thrilling and challenging character to master.

Mysterio's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Poison, Heal Block, Damage Reflection, Power Drain

Mysterio's gameplay revolves around managing Chemical Gas to enhance his damaging abilities and bolster his defenses. His basic moves include:

  • Light Attack: Quick jabs, ideal for building up Chemical Gas.

  • Medium Attack: A sequence of punches that generate Chemical Gas.

  • Heavy Attack: Consumes Chemical Gas and inflicts Poison damage.

  • Passive Abilities:

    • Chemical Gas - Passive: Builds Chemical Gas on Medium attacks and consumes it on Heavy attacks to Poison enemies.
    • Poison Immunity: Immune to Poison effects.
    • Ability Accuracy: Cannot be decreased.
  • Active Abilities:

    • Heal Block - Passive: Inflicts Heal Block on the Fourth Light Attack.
    • Reflection Gas - Active (from SP1): Reflects damage back to the opponent.
    • Illusion Gas - Active (from SP2): Inflicts Power Drain and dodges incoming attacks.
    • Frenzy Gas - Active (from SP3): Amplifies Poison damage and boosts attack rating.

Special Attacks:

  1. Special 1: Out Of Nowhere
    • Fires a beam followed by an uppercut, granting Reflection Gas. Damage taken during its duration is reflected back to the opponent.
  2. Special 2: Invisible Killer
    • Projects illusions to inflict Power Drain and cause enemy attacks to miss while Mysterio is charging a Heavy Attack.
  3. Special 3: Right Behind You
    • Uses smoke to attack and appear behind the opponent, gaining Frenzy Gas that significantly boosts Poison damage and Attack Rating.

Signature Ability:

  • Lethal Gas: Generates Chemical Gas every 6.01 seconds, maintaining consistent ability potency. An awakened Lethal Gas greatly enhances Mysterio’s potential by ensuring a continuous stream of Chemical Gas, critical for maintaining his utility in fights.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: Utilize Mysterio’s Chemical Gas to control the battlefield through passive Heal Block and potent Poison damage. Special 2’s Illusion Gas can keep opponents' power in check, while Special 1’s Reflection Gas can turn the enemy's strength against them. It's essential to balance between defensive and offensive maneuvers according to the battle scenario.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Maximize Poison Damage: Quickly build Chemical Gas using medium-medium combos, then unleash a Heavy Attack after a Special 3 to poison the opponent for massive damage.
  • Loop Power Control: Maintain control over the opponent's power bar by using Special 2 consecutively.
  • Fuel Reflection Gas: Time the consumption of Chemical Gas to maximize the duration of Reflection Gas for greater damage absorption and reflection.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery:

  • Recovery: Enhance Healing from Reflection Gas, allowing Mysterio to heal more swiftly.
  • Collar Tech: Pair it with Special 2 for continuous Power Drain effects, keeping opponents at bay.
  • Liquid Courage: Immune to Poison, Mysterio benefits from the attack boost without suffering from its drawbacks.

Team Composition: Pair Mysterio with champions that amplify his Poison abilities or benefit from his utility. Champions with power control or healing abilities can complement Mysterio’s kit effectively.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. Mine Can Hover: with Night Thrasher
    • 70% chance to inflict Falter, causing the opponent’s attacks to miss during dashes.
  2. Encroaching Insanity: with Daredevil (Classic), Daredevil (Hell's Kitchen)
    • Extends Poison duration by 2 seconds.
  3. Enhanced Illusionist: with Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)
    • Extends Reflection, Illusion, and Frenzy Gas by 2 seconds.
  4. Mental Immunity: with Emma Frost
    • Grants immunity to reverse controls.
  5. Nemesis: with Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man (Classic, Symbiote, Miles Morales, Stark Enhanced, Stealth Suit)
    • All champions gain +8% Attack.

Countering Mysterio

Counter Tactics: Exploit Mysterio’s vulnerabilities by using champions with Armor Breaks or those who can bypass Miss effects. Avoid prolonged standoffs where his Reflective Gas can build impact.

Mysterio Counters:

  1. Human Torch: with his high incineration damage and ability to prevent Mysterio’s poison, he effectively nullifies Mysterio’s defensive abilities.
  2. Blade: with his ability to inflict consistent bleed, Blade cuts through Mysterio’s defenses.
  3. Captain Marvel (Movie): with Armor Breaks and high damage output, she can easily manage Mysterio’s armor and damage reflection mechanics.


Final Thoughts: Mysterio stands out as a potent mix of offense and defense, leveraging his elusive nature and intricate mechanics to dominate his foes. His ability to reflect damage and control the battlefield with poisons makes him a valuable addition to any roster.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into the contest with Mysterio, experiment with his unique abilities, and find your own strategies to maximize his potential. The Master of Illusion awaits your command!