Spider-Ham – The Punny Porcine Protector

Champion Breakdown

About Spider-Ham

Character Class: Science

Brief Overview: Meet Spider-Ham, a remarkably punny arachnid who traded his eight legs for eight bags of humor and a porcine persona. Once a regular spider, Peter Porker was transformed after an unusual encounter involving a radioactive pig and now battles evil in the Battlerealm with his inventive Porker Poppers and unique combat style.

Spider-Ham Origin: Emerging straight from the comedic pages of Marvel Comics, Spider-Ham boasts a humorous yet heroic background. Originally a cartoonish take on Spider-Man, his inclusion in Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) brings a refreshing mix of high damage potential and slapstick humor.

Lore Background

Spider-Ham History: Born as an ordinary spider, Peter Porker's life turned peculiar following an accident with a radioactive pig. From this bizarre event, he gained spider abilities while assuming the form of a pig. Retaining his newfound powers, he adopted the iconic name Spider-Ham and embarked on a mission to ridicule and vanquish villains across dimensions.

Personality Traits: Spider-Ham's personality is an entertaining blend of humor and bravery. His penchant for taunts and slapstick reflects in his in-game combat style, emphasizing wit and agility. His comical nature doesn't undermine his effectiveness; instead, it enhances his strategic prowess in disarming foes.

Spider-Ham's Gameplay Mechanics

Basic Abilities: Spider-Nonsense, Porker Poppers, Spider-Sense, Taunt

Spider-Ham excels in dealing huge bursts of damage through his medium attacks and specialized abilities. His gameplay revolves around applying and triggering Porker Poppers, which deal significant damage when opponents use their Special Attacks. Additionally, his Spider-Nonsense mechanic increases his evade chance and reduces damage during opponent Special Attacks, making him a formidable adversary.

  • Light Attacks: Quick slaps and punches that build up to medium attacks.
  • Medium Attacks: 50% chance to apply Porker Poppers, dealing damage when opponents use special attacks.
  • Heavy Attacks: Reduces Spider-Nonsense, resetting its timer when at max.

Active and Passive Basic Abilities:

  • Spider-Nonsense: Builds over time; reduces degeneration and special attack damage. High Spider-Nonsense enhances evade chance.
  • Porker Poppers: Advanced Power Stings that deal damage on opponent's special use, with a chance to reapply.
  • Spider-Sense: Evade ability activated by dashing back and holding block.
  • Taunt: Applied when Spider-Ham evades, reducing opponent's attack and increasing their chance to use special attacks.

Special Attacks:

  1. The Set-Up: Pauses Porker Poppers and taunts the opponent.
  2. The Punchline: Unblockable if the opponent is taunted; sets Spider-Nonsense to 10 and applies multiple Porker Poppers.
  3. That’s All, Folks!: Applies numerous Porker Poppers, dealing massive damage if the opponent has triggered at least 15 Porker Poppers in the fight.

Signature Ability:

  • Hamming It Up: Evade places a Porker Popper on the opponent and extends the duration before Spider-Nonsense resets when maxed. This ability significantly increases Spider-Ham's damage output, particularly against special-heavy opponents.

Strategy and Playstyle

General Strategy: To maximize Spider-Ham’s effectiveness, focus on building and maintaining Spider-Nonsense close to 10. Use medium attacks to apply Porker Poppers and bait opponents into using their special attacks for significant bursts of damage. Utilize his evasion abilities strategically to avoid powerful hits and taunt the opponent into risky maneuvers.

Advanced Techniques: Advanced players can exploit the pause mechanic of Porker Poppers via special attacks to ensure prolonged damage. Try combining heavy attacks to manage Spider-Nonsense and maintain the optimal benefits. Timely activation of special attacks can amplify damage output while keeping Spider-Nonsense at advantageous levels.

Mastery Tips

Skill Mastery: Master Spider-Ham by understanding the balance between applying Porker Poppers and maintaining high Spider-Nonsense. Perfecting the timing of taunts and evades will make his counters unbeatable.

Team Composition: Spider-Ham pairs well with characters that enhance debuff abilities or those who control the power meter of opponents. Having teammates with synergies boosting attack stats or debuff features can further enhance Spider-Ham’s strength.

Synergy Bonuses:

  1. 2 Days? Try 30 Years!: Spider-Man (Miles Morales) - Improves both champions' unique abilities, enhancing overall combat effectiveness.
  2. Saturday Morning Cartoons: Mojo - Provides Spider-Ham with a significant damage reduction against special attacks and enhances Mojo’s field control.
  3. Swinester Six’s Most Wanted: Spider-Gwen - Increases damage against #Sinister Six or #Symbiote champions, adding offensive boosts.
  4. Fourth Wall Crawler: Gwenpool, Goldpool, Platinumpool, Squirrel Girl - Improves Porker Popper duration and boosts each character's unique debuff-related benefits.

Countering Spider-Ham

Counter Tactics: When facing Spider-Ham, aim to use characters with powerful basic attacks to avoid triggering his Porker Poppers. Utilize champions with True Accuracy or anti-evade abilities to negate his evasion advantages.

Spider-Ham Counters:

  1. Nick Fury: His anti-evade mechanics and consistent damage output can nullify Spider-Ham's evasion and Porker Pops capabilities.
  2. Red Guardian: Prevents evasion, significantly reducing Spider-Ham's survivability.
  3. Black Widow (Deadly Origin): Her evade-counters and high critical hits make her a strong adversary.


Final Thoughts: Spider-Ham combines humor with high-damage capabilities, making him both a fun and formidable champion. His unique mechanics offer rewarding challenges and dynamic playstyles, standing out for those who seek both comedic relief and efficient combat strategies in MCoC.

Encouragement to Experiment: Dive into the Battlerealm with Spider-Ham, experimenting with his abilities to discover the best ways to maximize his potential. Whether for laughs or triumphs, Spider-Ham's versatile skills offer endless possibilities for creative gameplay.