ACT 6.1.6 Initial Run Marvel Contest of Champions


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My full initial run on Act 6 Chapter 6.1.6 from start to finish in Marvel Contest of Champions. No resources used for this run which was a nice surprise, not sure if that will be similar on other runs but happy to get the first clear finished.

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The overall node is the following:

Global Node – Hurt Locker – Using the same special attack twice in a row places a 5 second timer on you that may be removed with a heavy attack. If the timer expires, take 50% of your base health as direct damage.

So basically you never use the same special right after each other. For example you would not use your special one and then use your special one again. Unless you do a heavy attack within 5 seconds of using your special then you could use the same one.

Break Down – Remember the Global Node In Each Fight, It will Apply

Moonknight – Pretty standard fight here used Captain Marvel – Start Of Video

Havok – 2:25 Brought in Angela so I could be protected with my armor buffs against his plasma detonation

Heimdall – 6:06 Bait out his special one attack

X23 – 9:41 Trickier fight, each time she goes into regeneration her attacks become unblockable, a heal blocker or nullify champ very uesful here, used Ghost Rider

Wolverine – 12:22 Just like X23 but with Limber as well Used Ghost Rider

Groot – 15:12 Again unblockable when he regenerates plus Mystic Ward

Superior Iron Man 19:29 – Once again unblockable when under regeneration plus he has Bane – Used Ghost Rider

Sentinal Final Boss 22:10 – Used Medusa but got tagged at the very end, finished up with Captain Marvel but used two special 1 attacks in a row (forgot about that) and then did a one hit with Blade to finish.

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