Ghost Player Guide | Marvel Contest Of Champions


Ghost is one of the most desired champions right now on the mobile game called Marvel Contest of Champions. I recently pulled her as a 6-star hero and decided it was time to showcase her ability in one of my character guides.

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Phasing Chat Quick Breakdown 0:42
Phasing Closer Look 1:49
Phasing Through Special 1 and 2 Attacks 2:45
Explaining Critical Hits with Precision Buff 3:01
How To Make Special Attacks Critical 4:08
How To Fight Evaders 5:20
Special One And Precision Buffs 6:58
Special Two 7:30
Wasp Synergy Unblockable Specials 8:05
Special Three 8:45
Awaken Abilities Power Gain and Phase 9:10
Antman and Hood Synergy 10:15
Hood Synergy No Damage Special 3 Protection 10:54
Cancel Bleed Poison 11:20
Suicides Masteries 11:34
Good Unawakened 12:44
Synergies Help Greatly 13:20
No Regeneration, Low Block, Low Armor 14:10
Higher Learning Curve In Using Her 14:52
Armor Break Debuff, Critical Resistance 15:54
War Defense 16:39

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Ghost is not like other champs for the most part as her phase ability is quite unique though the Hood has something a tad similar but with Ghost opponents have a 100% chance to miss her while she is in her phase state. The Ghost guide today will go through several things from how to phase, where best to user her, her synergies, her pros and her cons and is she good as an unawaken champ.

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