OBS Studio – Adding Alerts for Follower, Subscriber, Donation

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How to add Follower, Subscriber and Donation Alerts into OBS Studio using Streamlabs.com. In this guide we cover adding your Twitch Alerts to OBS to make your stream more aesthetic and interactive for your viewers!

Continuing our OBS Studio videos (linked below) which have been extremely popular, we had many comments from people asking us to do a video on how to set up new Follower Alerts in OBS. So here it is!

⏩ Timestamps, click to skip ahead!
0. Introduction 0:00
1. Connecting Twitch/YouTube to Streamlabs 2:04
2. Setting up a Follower Alert 3:02
3. Setting up a Subscriber Alert 8:07
4. Setting up a Donation Alert 10:05
5. Adding Alerts to OBS Studio 13:51
6. Outro 16:25

Links mentioned and more details:
🔗 Download OBS Studio – https://obsproject.com/
🔗 OBS Help Forums – https://obsproject.com/forum/
🔗 Streamlabs – https://streamlabs.com/
🔗 Google Fonts – https://fonts.google.com/
🔗 GC OBS Studio Streaming Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTQlHTE5qfSgkfIlj4v7YU0xEgZu_CIvg

📕 Full Written Guide (with screenshots)

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🎮 summit1g – https://www.twitch.tv/summit1g

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