Road to the Labyrinth Chapter 4.3: Veiled Gate Round 3 | Marvel Contest of Champions


Here’s the 3rd installment in my Road to the Labyrinth series–my full run of RttL 4.3.

Opponents on this map have the Spite boost, which grants them Power Flood when your champion has an active Buff. I take a team that probably won’t be as potent once the MCOC 12.0 update drops (and one that I will no longer use for the rest of this RttL series). I team Scarlet Witch up with two Falcons, Vision, and Black Widow for maximum Crit Rate Synergies and to maximize triggering SW’s Veil of Fortune Signature Ability. I also unveil my strategy for taking on an All or Nothing & Stun Immune Dr. Strange–no SW required!

4-Star Vision Rank 4 Level 40 Power Steal Level 80
3-Star Falcon Rank 1 Level 1 Exo-8 Level 8
4-Star Scarlet Witch Rank 5 Level 50 Veil of Fortune Level 79
4-Star Falcon Rank 3 Level 30 Exo-8 Level 20
4-Star Black Widow Rank 5 Level 50 Subtlety Level 55

+33% Crit Rate (and Redwing’s Recon Bonus)


0:06 Team Setup
0:14 Iron Patriot (+300% Health, +100% Champion Boost, SP3, Power Start 1, All or Nothing, Spite)
1:04 Drax (+300% Health, +100% Champion Boost, SP3, True Strike, Strike Back, Spite)
2:15 Moon Knight (+300% Health, +100% Champion Boost, SP3, 30% Enhanced Special 1, Special 1 Bias, Spite)
3:17 Doctor Strange (+300% Health, +100% Champion Boost, SP3, All or Nothing, Stun Immunity, Spite)
5:52 Cyclops (Blue Team) (+300% Health, +100% Champion Boost, SP3, Combo Shield, 150% Power Gain, Spite)
9:00 Spider-Man (Symbiote) (+300% Health, +100% Champion Boost, SP3, 40% Buff Duration, Stun Immunity, Spite)
11:16 Red Hulk (+300% Health, +100% Champion Boost, SP3, +100% Attack, +80% Energy Resistance, Spite)
17:37 Nightcrawler (+300% Health, +100% Champion Boost, SP3, 20% Enhanced Abilities, +100% Critical Damage, Spite)
19:02 Rewards

Audio Outro: Invincible by DEAF KEV

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