Surviving With IndustrialCraft 2 :: Ep.14 – Duplicating Iridium


Today I set up an item duplication setup. The setup uses a scanner to scan items, which are then stored in a pattern storage to be later used by a replicator. The replicator reads the pattern and turns UU-matter into the item. I specifically make the setup to duplicate iridium at a cost of 120mb of UU-matter per piece.


This series is based around the mod IndustrialCraft 2 (IC2), which is a great standalone mod that brings many different technological advances to the game, such as nuclear power and a countless number of intricate multiblock machines.

The series is directly inspired by Chilm’s “Surviving With …” series that he has recently restarted.

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Mod List:
ImmibisCore 1.7.10
CodeChickenCore 1.7.10
Dimensional-anchor 59.0.3
InventoryTweaks 1.58-157
JourneyMaps 5.0.1-unlimited 1.7.10
NotEnoughItems 1.7.10

Seed: DrRageHardIC2


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