Act 5 Chapter 4.2 100% Completion & Exploration (Morningstar Boss) | Marvel Contest of Champions


Here’s part two of my Act 5 Chapter 4 Legend Run. Like the previous episode, I show the Act 5.4.2 map and plan of attack to start the video. Check out the Timeline below to skip to a particular part in the run.

There are five paths total in Chapter 4.2. For the Morningstar final boss, I used Iceman to avoid Morningstar’s Bleed Damage.

I didn’t stick to one team for the entire run. I swapped attackers as needed around Mutant Crit & Attack Synergies, and used the following as my main attackers:

5* Archangel 4/55 (Unduped) (for non-Bleed/Poison Immune, & Rage nodes)
5* Star-Lord 4/55 Tactician Lvl 80 (for Immune & class advantage vs. Mutants)
5* Iceman 4/55 (Unduped) (for Bleed/Poison & Biohazard nodes)
5* Magik 4/55 Darkchyld Lvl 66 (for some tanky Cosmics)
5* Ronan 3/45 Edict Lvl 43 (for Resistor nodes)

A big thanks to the creators of the Act 5.4 map images and Act 5.4 Paths and Nodes spreadsheet! Thanks also to all the YouTubers that posted their runs as they were a valuable resource as well! Thanks to my Alliance mates who traded with me energy refills in exchange for donations to the Alliance Treasury! Last but not least, thanks to all of you for motivating me to do this run!

00:07 – Act 5 Chapter 4.2 Map & Attack Plan
00:17 – Path 1
13:00 – Path 2
24:03 – Path 3
34:02 – Path 4
46:11 – Path 5

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