BuildCraft 6 Tutorial #1 – Basics, Energy and Factory (MC 1.7.10)


It has been around forever it seems, but there are still updates to go through. This is my first out a few tutorial videos about BuildCraft, now up to version 6.

This is not my only BC6 video, here is the playlist for them all:

BC6 is divided into several parts, in this I will go through three of them:
– General BuildCraft items
– Energy (now RF instead of MJ)
– Factory (to gather and process blocks/fluids)

In more detail, this is what I’ll go through in this video:
– Wrench
– Gear (s) in Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond
– Chute
– Auto Workbench
– Redstone Engine
– Sterling Enginge
– Comparing energy outcome from materials
– Combustion Engine
– Running it on Lava, Oil and Fuel
– Comparing energy outcome between them
– Mining Well
– Quarry
– Land Mark
– Tank
– Pump
– Flood Gate
– Refinery (and how to refine Oil to Fuel)

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Game details:
Minecraft 1.7.10 –
Using vanilla launcher with Forge (
Mods loaded (exluding dependencies):
BuildCraft 6.1.18
Not Enough Items (NEI) (1.7.10-
Tinker’s Construct (1.7.10-1.6.0d40.1)
Thermal Expansion (1.7.10-4.0.0B6-16)
Waila (1.5.5_1.7.10)
I noted the version numbers in case things change later on. Also, there could be changes in recipes due to mod integrations.

Get BuildCraft here:

“Ambiment” and
“Clean Soul” by Kevin MacLeod (