How To Get The Thronebreaker Title Without Abyss | T5CC NOW or By Dec 2020 | Marvel Champions


In This Video: We go over how to get Thronebreaker title from the point of view of Those have got Cavalier and are looking to get the title but dont want to or are not ready to do Abyss of Legends. The video is broken down to a 3 month plan of how to achieve it. It takes into consideration some big events and opportunities you need to prepare for.

Want It Quick ▶ Spend Money or Do Abyss

Want it in the Next Month ▶
Variant 5 – % of Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
Cavalier Difficulty – Lots of Smaller % of Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
Side Quests – Lots of Smaller % of Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
Act 6.2 and 6.3 – % of Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal
AW Seasons X1 Then more in Future Month

Want It by Cyber Monday ▶
Grind Arena for Units for Deal
Buy Unit Deals or Monetary ones

Want it By The end of the year ▶
Special Events like gifting
Christmas Day Deals
Special Festive Calendar

Cyber Weekend and July 4TH Deals –

Kabam Christmas Gift 2019 –

0:00 Start and Intro
3:18 By NOW!
3:56 By Next Month
7:45 By Cyber Monday

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