MCOC: Act 6.4.1 – Thermostat & Hot and Bothered – Tips/Guides – No Revives – Story quest



Hey, Guys back with #mcoc #ACT6 videos, today will be #Act 6.4.1 – Thermostat, Sharing is Caring & Hot and Bothered for exploration

00:00 Plan for Path
02:04 Deadpool
03:22 Venom the Duck
05:30 Vision Arkus
06:33 Massacre
08:14 Killmonger
10:15 Mephisto
11:23 Human Torch
12:57 Sunspot
16:33 Luke Cage (MINI)
19:55 Iceman (BOSS)

Thanks for tuning in guys. The focus will always be an easy guide with the least amount of units.
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