6 Star Rank 3 GHOST Rank Up & Gameplay – 12+ ENDGAME BOSSES!!! ULTIMATE SHOWCASE!!!


This is hands down my favorite YouTube video I’ve ever put together. Ghost has been the crown jewel of my account for a very long time. She was my first decent 6 Star, I used my Generic Awakening Gem on her, and now she’s my second ever Rank 3 Champion.

Let’s destroy everything.

Ghost vs 6.2.6 Champion Boss
Ghost vs 6.2.5 Mordo Boss
Ghost vs 6.2.2 Mister Sinister Boss
Ghost vs 6.2.3 Omega Red Boss
Ghost vs 6.1.5 Crossbones Boss
Ghost vs 6.3.4 Iron Man Infinity War Boss
Ghost vs 6.3.6 Captain America Infinity War Boss
Ghost vs Variant 3 Rogue MiniBoss
Ghost vs Variant 3 Colossus Boss
Ghost vs Variant 3 Kang Boss
Ghost vs Labyrinth of Legends Red Hulk
Ghost vs Realm of Legends Winter Soldier
Ghost vs Summoner Showdown Silver Surfer
Ghost for Biohazard node
Ghost for Caltrops node
Ghost for Power Shield node
Ghost for Backblast node
Ghost for Icarus node
Ghost for Do Not Go Gentle node

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