6 Star Rank 3 OMEGA RED Rank Up & Gameplay – 10+ ENDGAME BOSSES!!! ULTIMATE SHOWCASE!!!


If you saw my Cyber Weekend opening, then you already know how excited I am about this. Omega has been my guy since the beginning – couldn’t be happier to have him up at Rank 3 Sig 200.

Let’s destroy everything –

Omega Red vs 6.2.5 Mordo
Omega Red vs 6.1.5 Crossbones
Omega Red vs 6.3.2 Nick Fury
Omega Red vs 6.1.1 Sabretooth
Omega Red vs 6.4.2 Thor Ragnarok
Omega Red vs Realm of Legends Winter Soldier
Omega Red vs Labyrinth of Legends Old Man Logan
Omega Red vs Variant 4 Electro
Omega Red vs Variant 6 Electro
Omega Red vs Variant 3 Colossus

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