Prof Hoff

Please don’t email me attachments send them through evizone.

How to submit videos to me!

In order to make it easier to submit crystal opening videos to my channel I’m now partnering with Evizone!

Evizone is a secure messaging and file transferring system that aims to help both individuals and business’ securely and efficiently transfer their files. Evizone supports a multitude of multimedia files and has reached out to me, to help with all the submissions I get on a daily basis from you guys.

I’ll have a link to Evizone’s landing page on my streams moving forward and If you want to submit anything from openings to gameplay, I would love to chat with you there.

You can get in touch with me in two ways:

1) You can sign up for an account at the bottom on the landing page.

a. You just need to enter your gamer tag with (Prof Hoff) in brackets next to your in game name in the company bar just above where you enter your email.

b. Evizone will then create a chat with me where you can share up to 10 GBs for free (once the space is full you can delete older files, so no hidden fees)

2) If you already have an Evizone account you can click on the orange + circle at the bottom left of the system and create a chat

a. All you have to do is enter my email in the user search and start a chat with me that way.