BuildCraft 6 Tutorial #2 – Building (Builders, Fillers and Related Items) (MC 1.7.10)


My second tutorial for BuildCraft 6, in this video I will cover the “building” category – how to automate destruction and construction. As usual, I will explain the items/blocks and show examples of how you could use them.

Since this is not my only tutorial for BC6, make sure to check the other ones to not miss anything. Previous and future videos are gathered in this playlist:

BC6 is divided into several parts, in this video I will only go through the building part.

In more detail, this is what I’ll go through in this video:
– Land Mark
– Path Mark
– Filler
– Builder
– Architect Table
– Blueprint Library
– Blueprint
– Template

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Game details:
Minecraft 1.7.10 –
Using vanilla launcher with Forge (
Mods loaded (exluding dependencies):
BuildCraft 6.2.6
Not Enough Items (NEI) (1.7.10-
Tinker’s Construct (1.7.10-1.6.0d40.1)
Thermal Expansion (1.7.10-4.0.0B6-16)
Waila (1.5.6a_1.7.10)
I noted the version numbers in case things change later on. Also, there could be changes in recipes due to mod integrations.

Get BuildCraft here:

“Ambiment” by Kevin MacLeod (