BuildCraft 6 Tutorial #3 – Transport Pipes (MC 1.7.10)


In this video I will cover all the item Transport Pipes in BC6. There are plenty of pipes, and lots to go through, so this video is dedicated to item transport only. Some of them are old and well-known from early versions, but when doing this tutorial I had to learn several new ones that I had never used before!

There are plenty of other items to use with pipes, such as pipe wire, various types of gates, robots, etc. However, that will require lasers and other type of crafting – so that will be covered in a later video.

Since this is not my only tutorial for BC6, make sure to check the other ones to not miss anything. Previous and future videos are gathered in this playlist:

BC6 is divided into several parts, in this video I will only go through the transport pipes for items. Fluid and Kinesis is not covered in this video!

In more detail, this is what I’ll go through in this video:
– Wooden (Extraction)
– Emerald (Extraction, Filtered & Round-Robbin)
– Emzuli (Extraction, Gate Controlled)
– Cobblestone (High Drag)
– Stone (Medium Drag)
– Quartz (Low Drag)
– Clay (Insertion Pipe)
– Sandstone (Only connects to pipes)
– Iron (Routing)
– Golden (Speed)
– Void (Destroys Items)
– Obsidian (Sucks Items)
– Diamond (Sorting)
– Lazuli (Painting)
– Daizuli (Routing for Painted Items)
– Stripes

And I will briefly mention:
– Gates (Also with Autarchic Pulsar)
– Pipe Plug
– Lens
– Filter
– Facades

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Game details: (to be corrected!)
Minecraft 1.7.10 –
Using Curse launcher with Forge (
Mods loaded (exluding dependencies):
BuildCraft 6.4.13
Not Enough Items (NEI)
Tinker’s Construct
Waila (1.5.6a_1.7.10)
I noted the version numbers in case things change later on. Also, there could be changes in recipes due to mod integrations.

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