Cap Infinity War Solos 6.2.2 Mister Sinister Boss In UNDER 90 Seconds! | Marvel Contest of Champions

If you wanna absolutely demolish this annoying Mister Sinister boss with zero stress, use this team:

1: Max sig Captain America Infinity War (very high sig may work too)
2: Any Skill Champion – You will shrug off the posion debuffs from Caustic Temper node and the debuffs from the global Backblast node
3: Any Tech Champion – You will stack petrify debuffs, causing Mister Sinister to be unable to heal and he will actually LOSE extra health every time he tries to regen after a crit
4: Heimdall and Angela Synergy – You will gain an infinite fury buff so that you can negate the Caustic Temper node

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*No boosts or suicides used