Chapter 3 Final Round Guide Road To Labyrinth Marvel Contest of Champions

Josiah Diaz

All Bosses and Unique Buffs Guide a Below
Every one has safeguard.
Recommended Champs to bring:
Black Widow, Agent Venom, Scarlett Witch, Vision, Black Panther, WW2, Storm, Hawkeye, Strange, Wolverine but there’s a lot more that do great!

Gamora 00:10
100% Critical Damage
Stun Immunity
28% Crit Rate Boost

Joe Fixit 1:00
Unblockable SP1
Enhanced Fury Duration

Guillotine 2:48
Unblockable Sp2
Immune to Status Effects

Daredevil 3:53
Stun Immunity
100% Honed Senses
28% Crit Rate Boost

Cyclops New School 5:02
Unblockable Sp1
Strike Back (gains 1 bar of power for sp damage you land)

Spider-Gwen 7:58
Heavy hitter heavy hits can’t be interrupted
Enhanced Abilities 20%

Ultron 9:25
Stun Immunity
Unblockable Sp2

Crossbones 11:52
Enhanced Fury
Buff Duration Increased