Chapter 6.2.3 Rank 4 Domino Solo Omega Red Final Boss | Marvel Contest Of Champions


Solo fight against the Chapter 6.2.3 Omega Red on the Icarus node. This is a very tricky fight due to the node itself, the limber that Omega Red has and also his abilities are quite enhanced.

Breakdown of the fight.

Icarus Node in the chapter means that every time you strike or stun the opponent you get a fury buff placed on you. When you reach 10 of these fury buffs you start taking massive degeneration damage. However, you can clear these fury buffs on you when you do a heavy attack.

Omega Red is a bigger problem though because he has limber on this node. So after two or three parries to stun him and use your heavy attack the limber kicks in and he strikes you back. He is also not the easiest champ to counter heavy attack. Plus his degeneration abilities are seriously enhanced on this node and by the way you really do not want to make Omega Red bleed as his death field kicks in as well. So you can see there is a lot going on.

Using Domino with the Masacre synergy though is really amazing for this fight. Debuffs last 1 second longer when these two are together. This also goes on top of the limber. So everytime Domino does a parry stun she has a full 1 second to do a heavy attack. When you also add Red Hulk into the mix you can make those heavy attacks also do incinerate damage which is even more of a bonus.

Special attacks are also something you need to look out for. When Omega Red does a special attack he converts his spores that are on you into degeneration even if he does not physical hit you. So you really want to time it so you have no spores on you when Omega uses his specials or at least have only a couple that drop off as the special animation is active but of course make sure to stay away from him. Remember the spores drop when you are at a distance.

This was a Rank 4 Unduped Domino with a 20% attack/health boost with Masacre and Red Hulk who were only there for the synergy. It is a nice option but there are other options such as Ghost and Corvus who I hear do well against Omega and I am sure there are more options. Please let me know your thoughts and do not forget to join the channel.

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